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  1. So many having issues and not one response from Trendy? This has been over an hour now....
  2. I really canĀ“t take credit for that. Trendys balancing has nothing to do with individual statements on this forum. Besides they already nerfed it, because it was not intended for AOE dmg.
  3. +1 for Endless Mode. I want just a constant stream of Enemies hammering the hell out of the defenses and increasingly more difficult until they are damn near impossible, and they could provide a timed reward so often much like the don't have to end the match now to give chests.....would love something like this.
  4. Can we PLEASE! Pretty Pretty PLEASE get the crit bug fixed for EV. This has been in the last 2 patches now and still sounds like based on patch notes it's not fixed still! Come on guys this is a huge PITA to constantly have to swap heroes to get her Crit to trigger.....I'll back someone some cookies, or write a love letter, or do whatever I have to do but PLEASE! fix the crit bug!
  5. The one feature I am most looking forward to is NO MORE RETURNING TO TAVERN!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!
  6. So it's been said today is patch day but then nothing more has been spoken. Is it coming still today or is there a push back?
  7. people are going to move all their good items to 1 character anyways. why force people into the hassle of doing that and removing their other characters when they could just take the highest item in slot for all characters and use that as the weighting for drops end result is the same, no hassle, no need for explaining it to people in complicated charts :P I completely agree. Having to remove heroes from your Deck to get better gear is absolutely the BIGGEST waste of time. Sometimes I wonder if Trendy even plays their own game? No multi select or real bag management in the new inventory sy
  8. Yeah understanding more about this gear thing now would have been nice before spending the 50million gold on useless upgrades...oh well such is life. I'm most certainly seeing a huge increase now in drops as once I equipped the right gear I was in c4 and barely seen good stuff but now I'm maxing gear drops... Would have been really really nice of Trendy to explained this more....I don't know how many wasted countless hours I've spent thinking it dropped like the old way...guess I should read the forums more. Thanks so much for the spreadsheet it really helped take a ton of grind time out o
  9. So to get better drops you not only need to upgrade your relic you need to upgrade all your other gear as well? Or is it tiered so better relics drop based on your relic only or does it drop based on the total of all your gear including the relic you have equipped? Example most my armor, weapon, etc are N4 gear still but I have a 7k relic when it's fully upgraded. So would better relics still drop? Also is it better to remove all the heroes from your deck once you have the level setup so you only have the 1 hero you are using to defend with dps? This way your deck doesn't affect drops
  10. They were never clear in communicating recently on if it was or was not. It's sad too because I as well have supported the game from the beginning and now feel like those who supported Trendy the longest are getting the shaft. Can't believe they want to segment their base so much and only reward those who will most likely just finish the campaign to never play again....seriously a sad day.
  11. I know it may be bad form to reply to your own post but just looking over the other forums......well it looks like I'm not the only one with these long posts asking Trendy to listen to the community. I know the company is leading the way and pushing the boundaries of what this new style TDMMORPG / TDRPG type game fits into, as there really hasn't been anything quite like it before it, but if they stay close to the community as a whole...and I mean majority as whole...you can't cater to single smaller groups of individuals but when you seen your login numbers change or you see multiple posts
  12. I've posted a thread much like yours...just sad to see we have had to come to this...
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