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  1. granted the actual content of the new dlc is horrible, how is it that anyone is complaining that this is too difficult? right after the dlc was released we 2-man farmed NM a few times to check out the rewards, taking about 20 minutes each run (the NM rewards, pets and weapons, are garbage). after that we did easy to get the remaining costumes, with each run taking 2-5 minutes stop trying to beat this in a pug where everyone wants to win. just find some random who wants the rewards and take turns. 100 kills really does not take that long. 30 takes a few minutes tops.
  2. don't hold your breath. here are some detailed instruction on how to do that, i can make a video if you need one. http://www.ehow.com/how_4496689_breathe.html
  3. building, upgrading or repair mean nothing. those are core aspects of the game that you should be doing regardless just so you do not get kicked from a game. you can build, upgrade or repair all you want but in the end you are still asking for someone to join your game and show you exactly what to do- short of afk leveling someone, that is about as good of an example of getting walked through something as you will find. i have given you a strategy including a build and individual player assignments. the only thing left for me to do would be to show you the exact physical placement of tower
  4. see the edit in my post with build link. and to be clear, you are not asking for help, you are asking for someone to walk you through this so you do not have to do it on your own. there is a difference. accusing the people you are trying to get this information from of being hackers does not exactly encourage anyone to divulge such information.
  5. well put burnforever. grundy, one of the first things we learned about this challenge and as i said in my above post, is it abundantly clear when someone is not pulling their weight, which is why people are unlikely to take a stranger along. i highly doubt this can be done on nightmare without 4 people (maybe 3 once a strategy is perfected); every person counts and is critical to being successful. saying you will upgrade and repair simply doesn't mean what it does in other maps that do not require much skill beyond creating a build and repairing it. to repeat myself from before, i am not h
  6. damn you're on to me... now everyone knows i hacked gear to have ~1000 in stats so i could beat a challenge on hard and "boast" about it online. :P anyway, we tested the build on nightmare earlier with some variation in the design of the trap, but still the same basic concept of builder, dps and 2 portalers. lost to the boss when he was at ~50% health each time (tried it twice). to give you a time frame, it took us a bit over an hour from start to wipe both times. first run was extremely quick and easy until end of wave 9 when mobs starting getting extremely powerful. made some adjustments
  7. cool. again, go try it for yourself. i'm not here to prove anything to some guy on the internet. proof is irrelevant to a challenge when someone doesn't care what you think. :) hope my strategy helps you.
  8. i have posted a detailed description of the strat on the previous page or two. try it for yourself and see how it goes
  9. just because you used an inefficient strategy which takes a large amount of time and grinding, doesn't mean that everyone else will be doing the same thing. aside from the initial lag / optimization issues, which were fixed 100% for me after patch, i have quite enjoyed this map. the first run or two when i was just familiarizing myself with the map, i used a strat probably similar to yours. it took a long time, was not enjoyable or very effective. but here is the part you are missing, and the basis of any challenge existing in this game: after that first run or two, i improved my stra
  10. Tested, Verified, Foolproof Strategy I have tested this strategy with from 1 to 4 players on hard difficulty. Having reached wave 9 twice on NM using another strategy right after the DLC came out, I am confident this can work for NM with 3 or 4 people. I will be testing it on NM later today. Until I can verify its effectiveness on NM, it is still a great, simple strategy anyone can use to get this achievement on hard. Solo, waves take me a few minutes tops. Layout Description: Enrage, Strength Drain and Ensnare auras at northwest fountain. Remaining 76 DU used to place MM and FB t
  11. although it seems that they removed the beta members from the community leaders list, i can tell you that i have a few beta testers on my friends list, and they haven't played this game in weeks. considering there were only a dozen or two people on the list last time i saw it, that means a noticeable percentage of the selected testers are not even playing any more
  12. these ideas are reasonable and will therefore never be used. honestly it almost seems like in their "attempts" to fix the game, trendy refuses to use an idea if it comes from their player base (other than mass whining of course, in which case they over react with extreme nerfs/buffs)
  13. app towers are not going to be magically restored to the way they were, or even get buffed again at all. get used to it, they were unbalanced. most people have realized there are many viable builds which exist utilizing multiple hero's towers. that is what trendy wanted. the sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you can get back to enjoying the game
  14. it is blatantly obvious that the moderator and his supporters in this thread have never played higher end content. if they had, they would realize many items cost over 2 billion to upgrade. claiming that 80 million or something in cheap shop sales is enough for you is laughable. i get that moderators aren't trendy employees, but if you're going to work on these forums it seems logical to at least get past the campaign on insane first.
  15. 200^ponies are hacked this^ between the hundreds of combined runs i have done and people i know have done, no one has ever received a unicorn more than ~100^ 200^ are absolutely hacked. furthermore, hackers with even an ounce of common sense usually make stats they don't need large negative values to avoid suspicion. this is why if you see an entire set of gear with the exact same positives and negatives, chances are it is not legitimate.
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