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  1. Please stop putting screen filter on my game for post-it notes in the bottom right. It's obnoxious enough as it is to get reminded constantly, let alone losing NM games over it. It's simply silly.
  2. Honestly the hatching system is yet another recant on an idea that didn't work out. I'd like to stop seeing band-aids slapped on things and just have us vote on new "not dd1" features instead of having them back peddling. I'm down to remove rotting and make everything drops.
  3. Actually we used to play survivals for 4 hours+. It's not the time, it's the drops that aren't worth it lol.
  4. With a full inventory bag, I did this in this order. Moved my top left most item, to a bag above it. Opened a pet food container in the bottom right most slot. The item filled the top left most slot with the item I just moved. It did not correct itself until I reorganized my bags. Clicking/moving item didn't seem to help but it was unequippable.
  5. Some Bosses Resist Aggro Indefinitely without regard for player or tower damage. It does not seem to matter class, or damage applied, they keep on chugging on until they reach an unpathable blockage or reach your crystal. It does not seem to matter type.
  6. The apprentice tornado ability seems to have serious issues lifting enemies on varied terrain, consistently concerning slopes. I am not sure if this is combined with intentional tenacity or some form of resist. If this is so it would be lovely to have "Resisted" text pop up if that's the case, as it seems, and it may only be that, to have become more of a problem in harder difficulties. However it may be a general bug with the way the tornado knock-up effect path is drawn over ramps/slopes.
  7. After facing somewhere around 3000 goblins during quite a long onslaught only to realize I was making almost no capitol, I decided I would not be playing onslaught at all, haha. Not to mention we were all at 37-42 and the item rewards were eggs, that we get from mini bosses, and level 30 armor. And there's no option to really play level 40 onslaught. And the money for me which was my chosen experiment was far less profitable time wise than selling after a much shorter match. Bottom Line : The idea is wonderful, I love it, however rewards don't scale and aren't worth the time involved.
  8. Thank you Spotty Jones for Informing me of a potential issue that lies within my current internet situation. I appreciate it greatly. I certainly hope that it will be less of an issue as time goes on though.
  9. Bags shouldn't be gem oriented. There was a brief period where they were available for gold, and being that they are not aesthetic, and do in fact change a huge quality of life aspect, shouldn't be offered for gems. The inventory management system needs a rework entirely. I have posted on this in the past extensively and it was lost to the ether unfortunately. But it's not the bags that are flawed, it's the current setup.
  10. It's 4mb down. Sometimes higher. I use teamspeak 3, play Dota 2, League of Legends, Tera, Guild Wars 2, Warframe, Simultaneously browsing and utilizing other software. I do not suffer disconnects, or high or erratic ping or latency during my other games, use of software, downloads, or otherwise. This is specifically, a Dungeon Defenders 2 problem.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. However, My down speed is 4-6 mb down, and 1.5 up. Loading a game shouldn't cause this kind of internet turbulence.
  12. I disconnect from teamspeak and experience interruptions in my internet upon loading a private tavern. It is fairly consistent. I have fully disconnected from my adapter twice, and consistently disconnect from other applications. I doubt it's my internet speed. I utilize my phone tether as I have no option for cable, If I can provide more information I will.
  13. It's not a terrible idea at all. The current system just seems like a lockbox lottery or something, from many games past right now :/
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