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  1. There appear to be various threads on this subject, so I just went ahead and picked one to share my thoughts in. I just wanted to note that as far as I can tell, it seems most people are assuming TE actively decided to exclude details from the patch notes. Now, while this may very well be true, we do not know for sure. Could it be possible that there have just been so many changes (up and down) from various team members in short timeframes that not every single detail was noted and tracked through all the way to the patch notes thread? I'm certainly not defending any details that may be m
  2. speaking of the barbarian... If you use the ability on key 3 (dont know what its called), you do the animation, and the ability starts the countdown on the cooldown. 2......1......2(!!!)....1....clear and ready to use... anyone else see this ?!
  3. All this was perfect from my point of view(new player) all the way through insane, and then came nightmare...and i was..."dude...i cant jump this far"
  4. How do you priorities stats on the barb? what stances do you focus on?
  5. Sorry, ment for thouse that floor-trade, not the shop-items themself(thouse with 99mill cap) "oh, you have 1,5bill, then you gonna pay 1bill for this item, moahahahh" <---- sadly too many think this way
  6. dont show mana in shop !!! I bet the items on the market would drop 50% just there. I'm SOOOO tired of people putting ridiculous prices on something when they see you have a over a bill mana >.
  7. Hello! I'm looking for a group to join, that plays on the timetable of about 1800hrs to 0300hrs Central European Time. I'm a mature 32 years old player, that has been a competitive gamer within MMO's and FPS games for years, and now looking for a more serious group of players that plays this game. I find this game to be a bit "unstable" atm in terms of balance and such, but still take that as a challenge, rather than just drop the weapon and walk out the door! Closing in on 250hrs play time so far, and still this game feels awesome and fresh. Got all the DLC'. Personaly im runni
  8. AAaaaha! that is prob everyone says "just a waste of mana" :P i thought it would do that :P
  9. Hey guys! I was thinking about making some sort of ogre killer weapon. I'm currently doing a bit of NM survival alone and its all fine, but after a few waves, its off course the ogres that is the issue..so... using mage walls(get rid of the resistance they can have) isn't it a elemental weapon best to kill ogres? i mean, the towers takes the trash anyway..? anyone have any experience with this? I'm not a very experienced player or wealthy, so it goes a little slow here in the mana department(the stupid amount of ups you need to get anyway) so please don't call me a n00b for a
  10. I'm so tired of the ****ty feedback this game gives, that i just have to tell about some suggestions that should be in before even thinking about a damn DLC to begin with. There is absolutely no mini tool tips in this game, that explains anything what a single thing does, if you hover your mouse cursor above it. but my real reason why i'm here, is the fact that there was a hidden 200mill trash-sell cap in the game, that i now lost about 100mill due to, that clearly ain't stated anywhere at all either, and there was no warning about this when i tried to sell above this limit. Don't com
  11. yeah, its a "i spit on you" community, glad i started this game with 3 other real life friends, so i dont need to deal with them >.>
  12. I don't agree on letting newcomers that started 2 weeks ago to be able to be as geared as me right now. The only reason I'm able to do nm, is because I'VE BEEN PLAYING for months. Eventually if he does what I said, he will catch up more faster than I even said. Selling pets is the way, so you need to farm umf 1.0. If you dont know how, check youtube... come on, why do we need to help them more than that?! I paid like him, but I was bored 4 weeks long before getting new stuff to do. He just started, he just dont wanna do survival mix mode LIKE EVERYONE DID... this game isnt a MMO btw, it's a RP
  13. Ok, first of all, to answer your direct questions, #1. get a monk/huntress turret at level 74. You can do that by farming bonus:glitter insane (not survival) around 15 times. To level 2 toons at the same time, get a gamepad and add a toon while you dps with the other. #2. Once they are level 74, try to buy Godly or Mythic stuff around 60^for armor, and 120^ for weaps. #3. Get an apprentice guardian with 20+ defense rate boost #4. Once you got all that stuff. Farm UMF 1.0 for mythic stuff between 30-130^. Sell that stuff for mana around 1 mil to 5-6mil depending on the stats. Newcomers l
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