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  1. rofl like the outlander costume for the dlc hunter? har har har...
  2. ^ They were onto Gabe watching teh... well using the internet for what it was made for :D
  3. I think the point was to bring them all up to the same level ;) With that said, I prefer bone bows only because they attack fast and I can directly aim them!! imo you'd prolly prefer a huntersbow if you found a decent one, because its only 1 less sps yet 1 more mob pierced :P and they actually look like bows/can have really cool twotone colors. but meh bone is still the fav for old times sake and the blunderbluss is the singleshot pistol that is kinda just for lolz... even with pierce it wont stack up against the high firerate weps
  4. I just giggled like a Twilight fangirl. Dig it, just heard a big church chorus go off in my head, "AMEN".
  5. lol i like how it shows the picture of a DT in your ss?
  6. ? you derp? you cant preorder the barb. if you mean the assault dlc it will most likely be credited to you in game when it sees you have bought the shards bundle... dont be silly sally or troll for that matter.
  7. k. i stopped seising long enough to purchase, and say, if the barb is on the storefront the patch eta is like seconds lol....
  9. steam is back up, no updates to the storefront i am dissappoint valve
  10. ya but community features are down meaning you cant purchase the barb even if you can dl the patch... which iirc no one has been able to yet either lol
  11. FUUUUUU GABE NEWELLLL !!! http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=784745&page=26 THEY PLANNED IT ALL ALONG!!! LOL... and waited to post until they started doing it... hmmm dejavu :P jk
  12. inb4 Annonymous heard our pray'r but didn't realize the patch was actually comming on it's own... leave it to 4chan to fail as usual.
  13. steam friends network aka their cloud portion, not trendy related
  14. ya or steam just trolling us because they know were freakin out about getting said update!!! damn you gabe newell :O
  15. Bah i say we enlist Annonymous to crash steams servers forcing a restart and refresh of their interface forcing the patch :P:P:P:P
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