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  1. All da people cheezin' it were making me sad. This makes me not as sad.
  2. read 1st patch note that is all. reduce cost by 40% You apparently failed to read most of this thread.
  3. Going to call reduced myth upgrade costs a win on this issue.
  4. Does it have any special effect on mobs?
  5. No Hacking: You are not permitted to discuss hacking or topics involving hacking. This includes: modifying the games files (saves, items, etc.), duping items, or any other form of illegitimate means to obtain an advantage not intended by TE. This includes the discussion of 3rd party tools designed to alter current files in our game. Modding, on the other hand, is the use of UDK and our DDDK Editing Tools in the purpose of creating new content. Modding is allowed and encouraged. ^ plz delete the entire string of posts before this and get rid of this troll
  6. Hmm, just as a side note, you are a bit off with the mana value of items from insane UMF 1.0 I did a run earlier today, aside from the items i wanted to keep, some mythical and such, it made me 24+million mana and i could have gotten more if i had thought more about it Ofc, this will involve you going to your forge and doing a quick check for good loot, locking that, then selling the rest. But it is indeed possible to make quite a lot of mana from that. and as a side note, there was 3-4 milion in the items i wanted to keep. This is an acceptable amount of money to make from UMF
  7. Of course it isn't hard to make when hackers are fueling enormous amounts of it. This. Sometimes I feel like my large quantities of shop sales are to wealthy benefactors who do not actually need or want my loot. I will leave my shop open and sometimes one random person will buy all my stuff even if it's overpriced. It makes me think it isn't resellers but people just being loose with huge quantities of too easily obtained mana. Trendy, Please refocus the game on the gameplay. Make the afk shop an alternative fun mini game and not a central focus of playing.
  8. Perhaps before you question where you're going to find the money, look at those 100^ items and their worth. My armour set was worth about 12-15m mana, so 4 items. Now think of how much mana you'll make at the end of the round on new content. 500 won't take long to make at all. Plus with all the extra mana in the game, item and weapon prices will rise so you can sell them for more. Mana isn't hard to make. This does not resolve the issue that the afk shop is still nearly mandatory. Cap from money made running levels is at 200 mil. Cap for afk shop is 2bil. You need to be able to make
  9. You DO know we started with a 15 mil mana cap? :3 You do know that you could actually do something with 15 mil at that point? The issue is that afk shops should be an alternative way to make money and acquire gear and not the primary (read: only) way to aquire to the necessary money and gear to play the game. The game should be self sustaining without the afk shop. A player should be able to progress from start to finish without ever selling or buying from other players. The afk shop should be a secondary mechanism for player interaction and finding rare items / looking at what other p
  10. Based on testing with open servers, new UMF will net upwards of 200 million mana for each clear on nightmare (this is just from autoselling items on the ground). That sort of works, but still seems like it would make you depend on the afk shop a bit since the people clearing it consistently will be the already full geared ones (who know how to exploit glitches).
  11. Next patch helps a tiny bit, where any map on nightmare should be dropping items with ok sale price. But i think it's still nowhere near enough. If trendy doesn't make more changes to help out soon, I think only people that can play 4+ hours a day will remain in this game. This ^, it's casual / weekend player unsustainable.
  12. I don't use player shops and never will. I won't sell my stuff in them and won't buy other peoples stuff from them. If I do have to do that then the game is broken because this is a single player game as well as a co-op game and I can't insulate myself as a player from cheating if I use the shop feature. Call me a purist. That said, you get a lot more money for high end loot and the upgrade cost level seems to be capped somewhere around epic level on armor at least. I have experienced that it gets easier to upgrade stuff as you get further in the game, but I don't know if this continues
  13. >grind >rpg >not an rpg >not an mmo >dungeon defenders = (tower defense - tower defense) + 3rd person action game >dungeon defenders = 3rd person action game now Yes, please. Please implement a method by which people who do not want to run afk shops can still participate in the game. If this can be done somehow, I am looking for advice to give friends on how to do it.
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