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  1. Yeah I wasn't sure about that. I guess it's because at NM1+ I can't do the maps AFK, so it feels like it takes more time to achieve the same result. Anyway, in my case I will have to keep at ease Free Play so I can alt+tab back to other stuff.
  2. I'm still working on getting the 75 pet affection. 66/75 at the moment. That's the only objective I feel it's a burden to finish. Not because it takes a truck load of time. But because to be able to it fast you need to run easy maps. Or, in other words, maps that don't give you anything but something to waste time. I was trying to level the affection by running NM1 maps so I could... well... play the game and have something in return. Didn't feel possible. I might be wrong, but running End Game NM1 maps gives out way less pet affection then the Free Play easy maps. So I'm stuck not playing the
  3. Made a short video in case it helps you guys figure out the problem. There were 2 ogres, onde died by himself the other is there for almost an hour. The only attack I can hit him is the 3 from the Huntress. Video:
  4. Trying Nightmare 1 for the first time and I lost on 10/10 with one mob left (an Ogre) because the "hidden secret affix" ATHLETE. The ogre just jumped over my Squire's blockade and smashed the crystal. :( Does anyone have a suggestion to try to keep mobs on the "right side" of a blockade? That's the third time I fail a map because of the "athletes".
  5. Tried the resolution "fix" and worked here. Wasn't able to get into the game, default graphics then change back to my settings and it loaded ok.
  6. Maybe they're having problem to reproduce the bug/issue.
  7. Same thing here. I have to end the task at the task manager and keep trying. Sometimes it loads. Then I got stuck at the war table. With some luck we will be able to enjoy some of the event :(
  8. Thanks for the relplies guys! I will try to join other's games to see if I can boost a bit my gear. OMNIpotus. I don't care playing in groups. I even prefer it. But With my gear I was under the impression people would kick me ehehehe. Will friend you. Btw. I was able to finish Endless Spire again. So I'm able to keep on my mana gathering project. Sharken is a pain, but not that hard once you develop a way around it. I repositioned my damage towers and start using, either a slow aura or a stun trap to give them time to kill them before they charge. Not 100% fail proof, of course, but now I
  9. I run Glitter insaneHC. With 3 chars (2 Xbox joysticks) it goes up to 2.8m to each one of them in 15-20 minutes
  10. Hello defenders. I'm having a bit of a problem with my progression curve here. I'm able to finish, any map (the old ones at least) on insane dificulty pretty easy. Glitter insane hardcore is near to a joke now. But I can't get far enough on maps at NM. I could finish the first ones up to the Labs. But the loot/mana there are useless. Last week I was able to finish the Endless Spire NMHC and finaly was getting some mana to break the 1K barrier on tower stats. But with the changes I'm not able to finish it anymore. Before dijins came online I was "farming" some mythical gear doind the first
  11. Again me and my friends got disconnected playing a survival. It's impossible to reach anything higher than wave 10 (if that much) without someone getting booted or the entire friend list/cloud going down. We start a game already with the feeling that it will going to crash at any second. That and the random crash to desktop when you travel back to the tavern at the end of a game. Of course, if you're luck enough to stay online for the entire game :( Game is amazing and fun. Too bad we need to rely on a faulty server side infrastructure. See you all.
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