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  1. More specifically, the spanish translations When i first started playing the game, i found it to be in my native language, and i couldnt STAND reading the subtitles for the cutscenes, much less even trying to setup the game config (while i do know Save means ahorrar, the translation is HORRIBLE, just to name an example). I'm aware its a small team developing this game (and for that i tip my hat off), but it would be nice to have better translations to an already superb game. I'm willing to help with the translation if needed, just let me know and ill do what i can. Just in case: i'
  2. Hey there, i'm kinda new to the game (i have had it for some time now, but i started playing it a couple of days ago), started with the squire, and while its fun to play on solo, i found myself to be completely useless on multiplayer, where there's at least one monk and one apprentice (ranged towers + slows), now i'm level 72, with i-have-no-idea-gear (really, no idea as i'm still getting used to the game), and like i said, i dont know my purpose as a squire (which i suppose is a full dps kind of character?) when the rest of my team can easily take down pretty much any wave. The only thing
  3. Right now i'm doing the FAQ solutions, i've already reinstalled, verified the games cache files (i stated that in the OP), deleted and .blob file from Steam so it auto updates when logged (just in case), now i'm gonna reboot the system, hopefully those registry fixes make it work, will update in a couple of minutes. EDIT: It finally worked, i did those registry fixes in the FAQ, of course the 64 bit ones, and now the game seems to work, so thank you for that, glad to see some quick support from the users and of course the admins here :), if someone can, then please edit the title with [FIXED
  4. Hey guys i've recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (due to getting 4gb of ram and a 1TB HD) and started to install some steam games i had backed up, they were all running great, including DD. After this latest Steam.....hiccup? maintenance? i'm simply unable to run the game; whenever i hit the play button, the preparing to launch screen appears, dissappears and for a couple of seconds i see my avatar changes from blue to green, as if i'm playing a game, but suddendly it goes back to its previous state; before that i was getting this "steam cloud sync" thingy, but since it was in the mid
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