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  1. This is a serious issue for those of us who'd like to have all of the achievements unlocked :( :( is there anything we can do?
  2. That whole "I'm 100% sure I locked him" thing... that becomes a bit sketchy. So now you're down to coming up with proof.. Odds are Trendy doesn't keep a huge log of items that are sold - the amount of data would be monstrous and cumbersome... :(
  3. Oh I agree... I'm just being sarcastic about it being HUGE NEWS! ...to be honest, I often miss the little pop-ups for this, that and the other thing.. and most of the time don't even realize what they were for ;(
  4. But it's a whole free shard (which will inevitably not be the one you're hoping for) :)
  5. 1) LOL. I've done that... COUNTLESS times. 2) Build objects further back that can be attacked by range from spawn zones. I know it seems counter-productive.. but if they don't have something to shoot at... ;) 3) This is actually kind of a fun element of the game to me.. you can't auto-plop to the ground where you want.. gotta get some of the things out of the way :) 4) They are improving shard visibility a little, but they aren't bringing in stacking - so at least a little better ;)
  6. I don't get the problems people have with the Shard System. It's meant to be random. You're doing to deal with duplicates. If you didn't deal with duplicates, you wouldn't be able to get duplicates of ones you want intentionally... Yep, it's RNG. RNG is frustrating, but RNG is RNG. The good news if you're impatient, you can buy shard packs and get take a gamble at having better RNG than your RNG - but the bad news is, RNG is still RNG and you might be out of medals/gems and still angry. Be thankful shards aren't connected to gear like they were in the days of passives.. trust me, it wa
  7. Since the last big update, I have noticed substantial rubber banding in many games, even solo. I'm not sure what has changed - but I have checked my system, speed tests and everything else - including playing many other games without issues like this. I have seen players in games with me complaining about it as well. Anyone else? --Micah
  8. I haven't gotten my hands on a Xoom, I do have an iPad 2. The game is insanely fun, plays smooth as hell and despite the apple-hate that's out there, it's a cool little device. --Micah
  9. I wish we could have the game labeled "Co-op with single player features" rather than "Single player with co-op features". Its difficulty is definitely too Insane for some gamers :) The game for anti-social, rage-filled gamers that will find the experience encourages them to both be social and angry! Let the sparks fly! =) --Akkim
  10. Thanks for the title ^^ Good point, the pc gamer review would attract the hardcore audience. People actually get/read these magazines?!!?! =) --Akkim
  11. Righto expert of the Great Land Down Under! Rooting is slang not just in Australia. But on this forum surely you would assume they are talking about their device. I do realize root goes further than Oz.. but let's face it, some of your slang is just too good to share the credit!! =) --Akkim
  12. In Australia - no. Outside of Australia - yes. --Akkim
  13. The numbers are presented in the wrong order. It's clearly 4/1 (US) 1/4 (Everyone else) 17 As we all know the first day of April is April's Fools. It just so happens to be the 17th time we've been fooled into believing there's a valid release date. =) --Akkim
  14. Haha appreciate the anger XD. I like this guy Better the fans that boo than the quiet audience.. =) --Akkim
  15. Read the forums more. Backing up your game is important. Once you have paid for a microtransaction (for mana in-game) they should be on the hook for that. As such, back-up functionality should be embedded into the game itself to prevent such a situation from arising. Having to read the forums and install additional tools/software (especially if you have to purchase a solution for it) should NOT be part of the business model. I do agree that his lack of respect hurt his post - but at the guts of it is a real issue that should be properly addressed. I believe you would agree with that
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