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  1. If the bow works with charged shot sphere (whole duration of the secondary atk) I think it would be a worthwhile bow to use. 4s/1 or 2s/2 would be awesome too =)
  2. Since it is 2s/1 I felt the primary should at least do splash dmg? This bow definitely doesn't work with charged shot sphere. Not a great bow to be farming a good one
  3. Verify integrity of game cache. It 1 time doesnt work. Do it twice or trice. i did twice to get it work.
  4. I realised there is a new change in the report player section on the forums. It is way much easier to report a player now unlike before. Report Player Good Job =) Excellent =) Guys please use this to bring down down hackers =)
  5. He's not trying to show that "Trendy is above all." We've already clearly acknowledged that Trendy, like anyone, can make mistakes. What do you want them to do now? Go over to your house and grovel in person? They've already acknowledged their faliure to meet the vague release date they gave. All they can do is apologize and learn not to give release dates to far back next time. Also. there will be cross platform, with Mac. The prospect for PS3 is not so good, however. Yes, i agree with you that they have apologize on the late content release. I have no issues with that as long as information is given. Just appreciate an earlier notice. Period. It's a very simple fact that they did not do so well on this part, lets admit it, no one is perfect. We should all accept our mistakes, forgive and forget. What kept this thread ongoing with so much negativity is when you guys try to defend Trendy that much when it's an obvious mistake by them. It is a very nice and fun game, and I am very supportive of this game. Introduced to my family and friends which i believe more then 10 copies of both DD and Eternia were bought. (Please do not flame me on this) This thread could have ended long ago if they would have acknowledge on their mistake on this part, and try to overcome this simple issue. The amount of time of the moderators replying to this thread is more then enough time to create a post informing players of this game. I admit it is very pointless to argue over this for so long, just wanna say please do not fight fire with fire. Just understand some people might be unhappy/disappointed/enraged. Trying to pin point comments loopholes like "Promised" issue just makes people more enraged. Now we all know that Part 2 is forthcoming on the next patch, we should all forgive and forget all this commotion. To Finally, I don't play Dead Island. However to my understanding from a friend they are late for their patches, nothing was prepaid. However if what you said is true, please accept my sincere apology.
  6. Why on earth do people insist on comparing this game with anything other than a similar game from a similar studio? classic22 maybe you can make a good comparison for us? And show that Trendy is above all. Points you should include... 1. Release partial content but asking for full payment. 2. Doesn't make announcements for late releases. 3. Provide releases dates(Month to be exact) that they don't meet. 4. Releases that has the same amount of bugs and issues on every release. 5. Make interviews with game reviewers (IGN/Gamespot) mentioning the planned time of content release. 6. Mention cross platform but yet to see it happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekWlPf58bP0 I'm hoping to see you make a very relevant and right context. If there is an equal comparison, I will apologize to you Classic22, Finally and Alhanalem for wasting your time on this stupid thread that I made.
  7. Because the digest is always done on a wednesday. That means a major issue, along with a need for more testing, could have come up any time since the previous digest. They use the same post for the digest each week and simply change the title. The date doesn't change as a result. You have to understand, the only reason you don't get official posts more than you do is because of the potential repercussions. When you are into game development formally, you have to be very careful what you say to the public, because anything you might say casually will automatically be taken as the gospel, defacto truth. They are gradually learning to be careful not to say so many things that they might not be able to fulfill. So remember, if they seem silent on an issue, it might be because the answer is not 100% certain and they don't want to set you up for more disappointment. You really don't need to keep a thread like this alive just for the sake of keeping it alive. They are aware of the situation, it's very clear, and so you should post and discuss in a normal manner rather than treat this like some kind of petition. It is not a petition, we all know that it is not possible for us to do anything that will speed it up. You mention that we dont get official post now and then. However everyday when we log in to dungeon defenders it says Part 2 by February. That is an official announcement am I right? It seems to be extremely difficult to get this message across the moderators on this forum that, all we asking for is an notification of delay releases. We are not mindless people nor are we not understanding. If there is a delay there is a delay, unhappy? yes we might be. Trying so hard to defend Trendy doesn't make anyone happier. Just a notification on Forums/Facebook/Twitter. In advance, not till the very last day of the month. People are excited of whats coming from that content, hence the anxiety of waiting. Courtesy of informing other party that you will be late is necessary, it applies to every aspect in life. You would not like to be stood up for a date for 3 hours. If we dont think that this a great game, there will not be such post. I'm thankful of this great and fun game. However I felt like a stupid waiting for something that is not coming yet and no one is telling me. Everyone could have better plan or use of their time rather then waiting and expecting like a fool.
  8. did any of you read the digest? they apologized for the delay, explained that they are still testing, and even said that sony gave the ok for console and they are waiting for xbox. it sounds like you are waiting for a golden apology letter to be handed to you. patience is a virtue, even for the justifiably entitled pc players. Did you read when was the post created? And February has 29 days. Why the last day to inform?
  9. As a person, not a customer, you should cut them a little slack. This happens to every studio, and unavoidable delays are almost inevitable. We're STILL waiting for Half Life 2 Episode 3 after what? two years? but none of valve's fans are going "I'M A CUSTOMER! GIVE ME MY EPISODE 3 NOW or I'll never buy another valve product ever again!". Did Half Life 2 players prepaid for Episode 3 content? No. I dont think you're comparing the correct context here. The full game experience of Eternia shards is Part 1 + 2 + 3 + 4. How long do you want us to play with the steering wheel without the car? I know that they have been adding content like Assualt Pack/Sky O Love/Presidents Day. We are happy and thankful for those content. However in terms of story and game progression, it does nothing. Sure it is fun to play those DLCs for couple of days but not for weeks. Maybe Trendy missed out their PLAN on releasing these free DLCs into their calendar thats why part 2 is late. Or maybe because part 2 is going to be late that's why the DLCs are to shut up players who prepaid for Eternia Shards. And of coz no one used PROMISED or GUARANTEED release of the other parts every month, But it has been MENTIONED that it will be and I dont think it is that hard to MENTION to people who prepaid that content that it will be late for the rest of the content. Would Trendy let us have access the content and let us pay later? Which we could say "I'm going to be late for the payment for the DLC." or I shall keep quiet and not tell Trendy that I am going to pay them late. Think about it, payment is made to protect the developers. What would you think when you bought something online and it is not delivered. Hell yeah I would think that company is trying to dog me out. So all i have to say is, are we being unreasonable for us to ask for a little announcement that content will be late?
  10. Game studios miss announced release dates all the time. What's with the sense of entitlement around here? Itt'l be released when it's good and ready, and the product will be all the better for it. No one is unwilling to wait for a better product. However where is the courtesy to inform players that it will be late?
  11. What is paid is paid, we all know it's not possible to get a refund. I believe a little announcement of "Delay in release DLC part 2" would have made people feel better.
  12. Technically, Trendy does work for its customers. If it didn't have customers to buy the product they wouldn't have jobs. As I stated before, I'd rather have this come late and be a quality product. In the future they need to not make promises about release dates. Take a hint from Blizzard. Their games are highly anticipated and look totally polished 6 months before they even announce a release date. A release date is announced when the game is done and they know it will be there. /like
  13. The same people who complain that part 2 is not being released in Feb are the same people who complain that TE doesn't test play their patches enough. Ah well, some people are just never happy no matter what. Like i said, it's not about when they are releasing it. If it is said 3 months I will wait 3 months. I'm not crying because it is not out today. It's about letting people know if it can't be released on time. I don't believe that they only know until the very last minute that they can't deliver. At least a courtesy to inform everyone it will be delayed? It's the same for life, if you're late for an appointment, you let the person waiting for you know that you will be late. Basic manners Detpurroc.
  14. This is not a complain session, this forum is a platform for open discussion. We see a problem, but we can't help Trendy in solving that problem because we do not work there. What actually we gamers want is that Trendy should have the decency to let people know if the DLC is gonna be delayed or on time. Yes, no actual date of the DLC part 2 has been announced but it was PLANNED to be release in February. If we didn't support for the love of this game, we wouldn't have bought the DLC. Just an example, Diablo III was intended to be release in end 2011. When blizzard cant deliver they announce that it will not happen. This helps us to expect what is intended by the company, therefore we can manage our expectations. I play this game with my girlfriend and family, had a lot of fun in this game & very excited with new DLCs and prepared to take leave from work just for this game. Ultimately, everyone just enjoys a little more information rather then waiting like a fool.
  15. C'mon, dates of release are decided by you guys. No one is pushing Trendy to release before the dates Trendy announced. As most players remembered that Trendy is supposed to release each Part every month. Lotsa folks are hoping everyday to play part 2 on February. Trendy please focus on the right stuff. We paid for the DLC in advanced. Please get your priorities right. I love this game hell lot. However there is much disappointments, hope to see Part 2 soon.
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