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  1. I think you should be able to auto-take any character up to the level of your highest character for free - it is hardly fun doing the same grind over and over with each char.
  2. Yesterday dun def started updating itself, I thought it was a patch but it downloaded the full 4 gig or so of the game. Today I turned on my PC and it is doing it again Has anyone seen this before?
  3. Me and my mates have stopped playing the game because of this kind of thing :(
  4. Just start the game up, it'll give you it automatically Dude, you really think I didn't try that?
  5. Same here, I own the complete pack. When I click 'Get' on the jungle page it takes me to the steam store page for the eternia shards pack, which I own. If I click the jungle DLC in steam it says I already own it but clicking 'play' in Steam does nothing. I have tried restarting Steam. Anyone else found a fix?
  6. Do you have a monk? Slow field makes harpoons kill wyvs easily. Alternatively bouncers on the 2 crystals kill wyvs ok
  7. This has happened 3 times now so thought I'd mention it in case it isn't a known issue. When trading mana in the tavern, as a result of trades I am losing mana but the person I am trading with isn't getting any. It seems to happen when we start a trade but one of us clicks cancel - the trade window closes but the trade is half completed or something? Minor annoyance but it sucks to be giving a mate 40m to upgrade a new pet and have it vanish into thin air!
  8. But don't you find if you don't go grab loot it despawns when the item cap is hit? I make a fair bit more mana from looting mid wave. Yeah in that build the slow and drain auras are closer to the crystal - just hard to see what is going on in the planner if they overlap. Here's a better version: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=23035 I'm farming magus quarters right now, starting wave 14 and getting green stuff starting to drop :)
  9. Cheers for the tips! Is the loot still going to be an upgrade for me on Magus or Lab at later waves? Should I try those first or Misty campaign? I do like gear that has decent hero stats too - mainly because I like wading into combat to grab loot instead of cowering behind barricades ;) Maybe that's holding me back a bit but I'm having fun at least.
  10. Hey all, I'm playing a slightly hybrid but mostly tower squire and I usually play with my mate who is a pure DPS countess. My player stats are 500/700/300/500 and tower stats are 900/800/200/600. I also have an ok aura monk to help out. We've been playing HCNM endless spires survival for quite a few weeks now with this squire build: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=23014 We can get up to wave 14 regularly but can't really get close to finishing that wave. I'm basically looking for better armor at this point I think, but my stuff now is mostly ~100^ with well over 100 in tower stats and a couple of pieces with 2-300 in a single stat. Can anyone suggest where to go next? I'm not sure if I should be trying a better build for ES or starting to figure out mistymire. Or should I look at UMF?
  11. [QUOTE]* Increased NM Crystal HP by 40%[/QUOTE] Problem solvered ;)
  12. The webs are not "flying around objects" as much as simply going straight through them. The webs now seem to be ignoring clipping and just fly through any solid objects including coming up through the floor below the towers on multi-level maps which makes them all but impossible to defend against. The "ghost webs" need to go. I agree- I'm getting webbed so often now it is making it hard to melee properly. In ES HCNM I used to be able to run out, fight the hordes till I was low on health, then run back and heal. Now I run out, fight a bit, get webbed, and die.
  13. Just wanted to say my harpoons are much improved with the curernt patch. I'm sitting here enjoying using them instead of watching them and facepalming! They are majorly less frustrating and are also performing at least a bit better in real terms - I was able to get to the end of a wave with no crystal damage where wyverns usually slam me that wave. Still died on the next wave as usual so they aren't so overpowered they need any rebalancing or anything (hint hint) ;)
  14. Really? Cheers! I had no idea. Now... do I admit this to my friend who I called an idiot tonight for trying to tell me chain and mail aren't the same thing? LOL
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