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  1. Just let me know, no other real offers yet. Youd think ppl would want a 38^ giraffe, ueah the speed rolled low but speed caps out about 80 anyway so if any stat is low thats the best option lol.
  2. Color: Yellow Upgrades: 1/38 Hero health: +24 Hero speed: +3 Hero damage: +24 Hero casting: +26 Tower health: +22 Tower rate: +16 Tower attack: +25 Tower range: +26 Also have a 29 upgrade Kairi the brave as well as many other pets available. And a bunch of miscellanious godly armor. Not looking for anything in particular (other than a high upgrade Kairi 34^ or more) , if you have any interesting offers, post here or message me on xbl. GT: Lord Winter
  3. I go to sleep. Maybe next time i will be more lucky. Buy buy. I know how you feel man, i sent requests to all 3 about 5 minutes before the start so they wouldnt be buried (like if you send them earlier in the day), no luck here either, it happens tho, luck of the draw. Gratz to the winners and try again next week.
  4. so last night i got to wave 29 with the aura + squire tower setup, and a single mage at the end of the round glitched into a tree out of line of fire from the harpoons, summoned a single skeleton thru the wall, past my defenses, and all I could do was watch as the skeleton killed a crystal.... super lame, other than that, it worked fine up till then, will try again when I have time.
  5. I just love how ppl get so worked up over 3.99, yeah i wish more was available too, tho if it was it would also cost per piece of dlc and ppl would still complain lol. you want free samples... go to the deli at your supermarket, you want a burger go buy one.. same here, you want free content, download a bunch of demos and kill a few hours, you want the map, pay for it. I mean come on it's 3.99 I eat that much for lunch everyday. a subway sandwhich costs more and you never see it again (well for a brief moment a while after you eat it but nevermind lol). spend 3.99 and keep a map you can farm o
  6. I completely agree. Not going to sticky though, why not create a patch wish list? That I will. It needs to be updated regularly though.thought about that actually but I forsaw nothing but ppl get off topic with an infinite number of suggestions, I figure one specific request is harder to get lost or become so jumbled and varied that it gets ignored. Maybe if they just figured out how to auto cancel the counter when a new round starts and skip directly to the round totals from the previous round, the real problem occurs when you get 1,2, even 3 rounds behind in the counter and the processor
  7. As far as i know you get one for completing each of the 4 pieces of shard dlc, as for what they will do when its done, no idea.
  8. If any of the moderators agree, sticky please and thank you.
  9. If you agree that it's more trouble than it's worth and would also like it removed as soon as humanly possible please post as well. No one NEEDS to see what was killed It slows the game Takes up memory Is the cause of most survival freezes It's distracting Generally unneccesarry Thank you for your time.
  10. I would just like to note everyone for reference that the first patch will contain bonus weapons/pets for the DLC. Good to know. I just got two very nice Kiaris and am pushing on to the giraffes, finding the stacked aura setup with strength drain, snare, and electric, backed up by 3 harpoons, 1 harpoon on each crystal (positioned in line with wyvern flight paths) working well, auras need repair between waves of course. And it may be preference but i prefer the huntress gaurdian over apprentice, the increased fire rate buff nets greater dps boost to the harpoons than the extra damage
  11. Ty, doing first giraffe run on med so ill give it a try with 2, shouldnt be a problem, when i go on hard i probably wont get 2, also, if normal fairy is medium, the unique fairy on hard, any confirmation on wave 20 insane? I remember reading insane on pc got a new shroom pet, possibly here on console as well, or maybe only on survival, any one try this on insane yet?
  12. Ok so on medium you get normal fairies not the unique one. Also im gonna try popping in another controller for an extra giraffe, do i bring him in halfway thru 29 like other pets or half thru 30, or does he have to be in for all of wave 30? Never done the 2nd player thing before lol.
  13. So estimated 32 upgrade max and somewhere in the 70s on base damage. My issue is the 2 shot spread ruins it. Went back to my blasticus after having shots fly ove everythings shoulders instead of hitting it. Good up close and for crowds, but doesnt work for trying to hit a single target from more than 6 feet is impossible aside from ogres
  14. Ok my first sharpshooter came out pretty good from what i can tell but the lack of available info on max stats makes it hard to tell.. Base damage= 66 Poison= 55 Shots per sec= 4 Clip= 54 Health= + 7 Speed= + 5 Player damage= + 30 Cast rate= + 11 Invisibility= + 31 Piercing shot= + 2 Tower health= + 10 Tower rate= + 10 Reload speed= + 6 Projectile speed= + 482 29 upgrades After putting 2 in the shots per sec bringing it to 6 (gave me the chance to go to 7) The other 27 upgrades into base damage brought it to 1402 This does better than my blasticus which
  15. Well first attempt on hard with 4 ppl failed on wave 10/12, 12 waves... Seriously lol
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