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  1. i dont even know how well i can go in nm as im thinking enemies would have ridicolous health because on hard there pretty high lol edit : so steam decides to disconnect right when im on wave 30 what a joke Same here, 1200 enemies left in wave 30 insane hc and disconnect >_
  2. Ok, just did a successful run-through of City in the cliffs using only: Minions Gas Traps Buff Beams EV Walls EV Reflect Ensnare Auras Strength Drain Auras During all combat phase I was summoner. I switched to EV and Monk during build phase and never once combatted with them. My pets are giraffes, as they have been since my initial start of deeper wells. After winning I did not recieve the award. Thoughts? Ev's reflect walls stop you from getting it.
  3. Really? With hold defensive, which is the default command on all summoned minions, my minions stay perfectly still. My ogres still shoot poison fireballs, and only go clubbing when something's in range without budging. I had this problem though before with archers not staying still in Hold Defensive, but for me that was fixed in the last patch and hasn't happened again. That's really weird. I don't doubt it's happening at all though considering my experience with it in the past. Orcs and ogres both move when they go to attack. I didn't really notice it much until I tried putting a buff bea
  4. Ever since the latest patch I get a lot of errors trying to join other peoples games (in Ranked, haven't tried open). Normally if I fail to join a game it would be because the slots filled up first. Now I keep getting a generic message that I simply failed to join. Sometimes I'll get this with 4 or more games before I finally find one I can get in on and I have no idea if it's because there's a network error on my end, with Steam, with Trendy, with the host or if it's something else like for some reason I'm seeing games from people running a different version/patch than me. Any one else ha
  5. It happens to me randomly too. Not sure what causes it but going in and out of phase shift fixes it for me, so I assume it has something to do with that.
  6. My problem is I don't have a summoner so I don't know where to put them. I guess I'm a little confused, I thought they were mobile, like units in an RTS. I didn't think you put them anywhere particular. They just moved forward and attacked where you command them. That's what I've seen in the few games I've played with them (I know I was a little upset earlier, but I did keep playing with them anyway). Is there something I'm missing? The only ones that really go in and attack are the warriors or spiders, but even those can just defend. Any of the summoned minions can be put in a defensiv
  7. Same thing is happening with mages attacking fire immune enemies. Not sure if this is what they intended to happen, but it does get quite annoying.
  8. The build I use for this is http://ddplanner.com/?l=6799,uber-death-from-above-nmhc-solo-3-afk-last-wave Been running it a few times with 3 afk controllers joining in during the last wave, so solo it should be fine. My highest stat on any character is 2000, but I've done it with about 1700 in squire attack also. Only used 1 gas trap where most of the sharken seem to get through, but other than that I have had no problems with them.
  9. these are great Kandar. question though: what stats would you consider necessary for these builds? My highest stat is 1800 tower damage on my squire with no other stat on any character going over 1600 and I'm having no problems at all. I'm afking almost all of these. ROFL Kandar...that Royal Garden build... XD Running that now. My eyes x.x Good thing it's solid enough that I can pretty much afk it, just using tower boost every once in a while. Thanks for the builds kandar, So far they're working great.
  10. for high geared players that is, lol.... Easily doable with 1.5k stats, if you don't have stats like that then you probably shouldn't be attempting something that is "uber" anyway.
  11. But now mini ogres come out only 2 at a time as the last mobs of the wave. When you're on a map like servants quarters where there are 400+ mini ogres in the later waves, it takes about 20-30 minutes for each wave.
  12. hmm.... ive seen some trans ones with 300+ in some stats, but idk where they come from... Same, but the ones I've seen like that have 250-300 in almost all stats, making them seem hacked to me. I've gotten plenty of trans djinnlets from nmhc, and even some from mixed mode, with the max upgrades I've seen being about 280^ and max stats around 195.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Flame48/screenshot/594717102207396134 That spider has been standing inside the auras for a minute without taking any damage. Seems like he's affected by the ensnare and strength drain, but not the electric.
  14. It does seem like nmhc djinnlets dont come with stats as high as other nm pets. None of the djinnlets that I have gotten have over 200 in 1 stat. Even so, when I switched from insane to nm, they seem to have less negatives and 150+ in multiple stats, while in insane that only happened to 1 or 2 djinnlets.
  15. Seems like whenever the defender's forge is on my screen my fps goes down significantly. This happens on every map, even in the tavern. Once the wave starts and the forge disappears, or if I just look away from it, then my fps goes back to normal. This happened once before and I believe it had something to do with the dddk. Being that the dddk was just updated maybe this is happening because of that again? This has been going on for about 2 or 3 patches now, around the time when the dddk was updated.
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