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  1. Thanks for the report! We're looking into the issue now. All better! Fast work! Thanks Ice Man et al.
  2. When I try to load a Shards map I get error: "Tried to load an official map in an unofficial manner" then it continues to try to load and fails again, locking up with another rror message.
  3. Yep, when its Valentine's Day and there is some old fat guy in a red suit still hanging around, he just looks like a pervert.
  4. Plenty of positions on KG that cause a few rockets to go under reflects.. if, and I quote, "one or two rockets get thru and take out a minion (3500 Minion health, 2 mages in each line)", then you are lying and trying to afk the game. I do not appreciate being called a liar. Your antagonistic tone is not at all appropriate. I was, and am, merely reporting my experience. To be honest, I have never SEEN the rockets come thru the flect, I assume it's what is happening because I am NOT afk, but running around, repairing and stuff, everything is fully upgraded by this point. The particular archer/minion wall I mentioned never has a minion get low health enough for me to even need to be there, but I am. When my back is turned, I suddenly see a minion go downf along with the buff beam. the ogres walk thru the gap and game over. This has happened anywhere from wave 15 to about 25. If by AFK you mean I have a controller alt on for gear, then yea I do. But my main is watching things as much as possible. I am not saying anything needs to be fixed so don't get your shorts in a twist Rodrigo, I am just reporting the facts. I don't run Tavern anymore because it's so annoying to lose like that. As far as KG goes, I have never run it, even on easy. I am visually impaired and that map, along with Sky O' Love, are too visually challenging for me.
  5. I always lose Tavern Defense Survival to rockets getting thru the reflect on the western defense. Copter Ogres hover over the far bridge, just outside the range of the aura stack, and rain rockets down on the reflect protecting the minion wall. Eventually one or two rockets get thru and take out a minion (3500 Minion health, 2 mages in each line) and I lose the buff and game over. I had not thought of the angle of the reflect as being important, I may try messing with that.
  6. it for survival aswell the first build tavdefense is a tough map ogres get high health you need to repair mage inbetween and i recommend a monk boosting there the heal aura is a bonus not really needed it helps weaker players who cant tank out ogres were you trying to afk this? the copters shouldn't get minions i done this build with 3.3 k stat average but had a great team 2 monks 1 barb 1 ev I was doing it solo/duo -semi afk. In other words, I had an afk buddy on and I was half afk just hitting up repairs once in awhile as needed. I lost the mage right next to the reflect where all the rockets were hitting. The ogres on that archer wall go towards the other side to try to get at the FB towers, altho the mage could take splash from them. Previous to losing the minion, the minions always looked full or near full health so I assumed they were handling it just fine. I swapped the edge minion to an archer for more hp but it didnt help. I have only made it to the mid 20s on this map at the farthest. Since I was half afk the last 2 times I lost I am still not sure if the ogres just overpowered a mage or if rockets got thru. I guess this map really isn't worth pursuing in Survival. From what I have been reading I can find better advancement if I do the more recent campaign and challenge maps.
  7. I can not seem to get very far in Survival on this map. I keep losing one of the minions from the west side of the north crystal, then that buff beam under them. It's as if some of the rockets get thru the north facing reflect on the west side of the crystal. I have never seen what gets the minion, I had hoped putting up two mages on each line would prevent it, but it didnt. When I put up that reflect I make it 2 dus and put one anchor back where the auras are centered, which allows for it to be on the very edge and NOT touching the minion its protecting. I use a 1 du flect inside. Questions: Does the Heal Aura heal the minions too or what is it there for? I did not bother to use the Heal Aura and I find that a 5 du buff beam is all you need for the north bridge and west stairs so I used that 6 du for a harpoon. My Fireballs must not reach the copter ogres who pound that one reflect with rockets the entire wave. Is that whats killing me, do rockets get thru? Is this build supposed to be just for campaign? Here are my current stats Huntress: 1870/3700/1400/2000 Monk: 1470/3700/2280/1350 Countess: 2100/4000/1570/1700 Apprentice: 1800/3900/1700/1150 Summoner: 3200/3950/2000/2000 EV: 1830/3160/820/1560 - I know My EV stats are on the low side, but from what I have read on EV stats, increasing these gets me very little return. Thanks for any and all advice.
  8. You Guide makers do an excellent job and thanks for your spirit of community and sharing. If you feel so inclined I would ask one more thing. When DDPlanner gets the new maps installed, please update your guides with a ddplanner layout. I am not sure about everyone else, but I find these much easier to suss out. Thanks again to all that contribute in any way.
  9. I know its a bit late in the day to be suggesting changes, but since the only mob to make it to my archer walls lately are Ogres, I thought I would see about using Ethereal Spike rather than Proxy Traps, they are supposed to hit harder but only hit one mob at a time. here are the stats. Proxy Trap Damage 236718 every .81 seconds Spike Trap Damage 217141 every 1.10 seconds Both traps are one-starred on a 3 star buff beam. So I guess I am suggesting Spike Traps be fixed unless someone can tell me a use for them.
  10. Bumping this back to the top to ask Trendy to please please please increase the stat cap with this next Upcoming (7.44) Patch.
  11. [QUOTE]Flash heal is not a bad thing to put points in either- better healing and wider area. Mine has a huge area- can heal almost all my defenses with one cast on some maps. I actually disagree with this, because the other stats aren't all useless, they're just viewed as less important. These stat points actually become more significant when they go into stats you're not focusing with your gear. Most abilities benefit quite strongly from stat points. I wouldn't consider raising hero boost or defense boost a waste of stat points on monk...[/QUOTE] Your point is valid, but only for a few special characters. Most will still be throwing stat points to the wind, and with the increasing exp needed to level, it seems extremely wasteful. There is no benefit to adding Hero or Ability stats to a pure builder, and vice versa.
  12. Hey Trendy, Do you think you could/should raise the stat cap to 240? Thanks to your Anniversary Sale, I just bought all the remaining DLCs my friend and I did not own. I have one piece of Ultimate gear and will probably never get another. I am trying to find incentivie to grind out 7 more levels on my 14 characters. Raising the Stat Cap to 240, while not making one real whit of difference in how buff my characters are, would at least give me a sense of accomplishment when leveling. Please consider it.
  13. Well if they are anything like me and my wife, they will stretch out the celebration to last the week. I recommend it to everyone. :)
  14. Nice, lots of room for dancing! I guess a disco ball would be out of character, can you make the crystal pulse with the beat of the music? :)
  15. This was happening to me a lot a couple of months ago after things had been mostly fine for a long time. As everyone knows, DDef is not robust at all when it comes to very short outages. I simultaneously have a telnet connection running on a MUD most of the time and I mistakenly thought I could use that too see if it was my connection or Steam that was having these short intermittent outages. The telnet connection only would lose it less than half of the times that DDef did, being a more robust connection. Long story short, really really frequent outages are almost certainly not Steam. After one big area wide outage near me, Comcast fixed whatever was wrong and things have now returned to the normal 'once in a while' disconnect. My advice would be to try calling your ISP and tell them you have very short intermittent disconnects and see if they can do anything about it. Also, see if you can run a diagnostic monitor of your own to track your connection. Good Luck
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