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  1. Like Ryudos says.. Sometimes she opens the "casing/doors" to her chest and reveals the crystal, Sometimes she opens the "casing/doors" to her chest opens the "casing/doors" to her chest opens...her chest Oh...my....
  2. I clicked the above link. And enjoyed every second of it. Agreed, I still don't know how this is a bad thing.
  3. Bump for great justice! Thank I've been looking for one of these.
  4. Does steam open downloads based on region?
  5. My steam will not DL or even recognize that there is a patch. I have restarted multiple times. Anyone have any tips? Also, I can no longer even start DD. It appears that it will load then nothing happens.
  6. My steam will not download the 7.11 DD patch. I have restarted steam multiple times. restarted my computer. Downloaded new drivers for my graphics card and even messed around in the properties of DD and double checked that Enable steam cloud synch and "always keep this game up to date" are selected. What am i doing wrong?
  7. :huntress: - Graves :squire: - Leona :apprentice: - LeBlanc :monk: - Sona LoL is retarded. Name them after Dota characters.
  8. :huntress: Legolas. or lego lost or leggomyeggolas or... or... or...
  9. I too have seen this bug, though I was unable to pick up my friends items. (His tavern may have been locked.) If I remember correctly we were in a game and he crashed which placed me back in the tavern but it was his tavern not mine. He was kicked from the game so it should have sent me to the starting screen and DC'ed me from his game. Also I think my items showed up in the tavern as well.
  10. Currently I am having no lucking reproducing this at the office. Can anyone provide some specific details of when this is occurring for them? (Maps, how many people in game, does it always happen or is it off and on, did you swap to another charcter and you're trying to swap back, etc.) Also after a restart of the game is it still happening? I had this occur before I came into work today (3 hours ago or so) Online Ranked Custom game-host-locked game Ogre crush Challenge Insane 70 squire: built 6 spike barricades attempted to swap to 70 huntress. Would not allow me to swap. (not sure on exact amount of time left before round start.) 7.08 ( I believe)
  11. Does your character drive a Delorean?
  12. I WANT IT NOW Just like I want patience now ;_; It's your patch and you want it now. Call J.G. Wentworth.
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