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  1. 25% damage buff on Traps ONLY IN NM!!! My traps are doing SO MUCH MORE! From 22k per Proxy to 30k per Proxy! I'm not even going to mention Inferno... omg so strong. Wheew, just 10 detonations to kill a spider! PUR3 0WN4G3! And not even on late waves...
  2. Did they nerf the Misty Drops? I get only goldly and legendary items out of the boxes... i used to get always mystical items (not to overpowered just average). Its so timewasting try to get to a high wave on nightmare... That was my (and my friend's) impression too when I played for a bit to see the tower nerfs. You know, it was just in case you started managing on nightmare... UNACCEPTABLE! NERFNERFNERF. ;->
  3. I've always understood that both traps & auras are nerfed farther than they should be currently because the new anti-trap and anti-aura mob isn't out yet. When this mob comes out i'm guessing we'll see a rebalance. Let's see... - Nerf traps and auras -> almost nobody uses them. - Introduce trap and aura attacking mob -> people still don't use them. Sadmob.jpg Good idea, I guess.
  4. Well, to be honest I've seen one possible use for them before the patch was even released. Basically, the idea was to strip the wyvern resistances on Ramparts' roof. This way you could use more fireballs in that lane. ... but since the towers were nerfed I'm not even going to try it. Don't care. I've got games I can actually progress in, so, um, guys... enjoy Dungeon Defenders! ;->
  5. Exactly, that's why is a waste when the app guardian buffs an enrage aura Unless TE implements some kind of a guardian-configuration-menu, removing any kind of aura/trap/tower/whatever from the list AI considers needs buffing is not a good idea. I'd agree with magic blockades, at least for monk/app/hunt guardian, yeah, cause these by definition can't gain anything (and there are other examples). But I'm fairly sure some people still benefit from buffing enrage auras with their apprs.
  6. The new Assault maps - they're fun. Except for Nightmare. A trend I feel like I keep seeing with new content is that the rich players can get richer and the poor just have a harder time catching up. Eh, I don't think said "rich" players care about mana anymore. The trend I feel like I keep seeing is that more and more people just hack mana.
  7. Yeah This game made me become a forum troll/poster which I never ever have been, in my 10+ years of avid gaming. Sadly I'm slowly getting there too. Steam stats: Dungeon Defenders 17.4 hrs / 731.5 hrs Take into account I don't open AFK shop too often. At most two hours of that in there. I can't even touch the spider boss on solo, and that's how I mostly play. This made me stop playing (pretty much) and laugh at the ninjanerfs in that game. Not like it's the first time. Really, TE, you think people won't notice? No, REALLY? REALLY?!
  8. My steam store says 1.55 discounted to 1.07 o.o you're loosing money (lol). USD != EUR. Also would it be one of those RARE cases when Valve notices that, in fact, USD != EUR? Usually the amount's the same, making euro players MAD. SO MAD. SO DAMN MAD...
  9. Now if 80% of everyone out there is cheating... wouldnt that kinda spoil the game for everyone ? I would urge trendy to look into this problem as it is way too rampant. In b4 another DLCs get balanced with those hackers in mind. ;->
  10. Yea cause I lost around 4mil from the mana falling behind the dummie xD Oh well its free mana xD I recall reading a post by a TE employee saying that all dropped mana in the tavern (not sure about other maps now) is automagically added to your bank should you quit/start a mission.
  11. They really should have simply designed the mana scaling such that hitting 2.1 billion mana would be a relatively unlikely event. obviously they can't change that now without upsetting people, but hindsight is 20/20. They can't? I mean, if you scale down everyone's mana and ALL the prices, say, 10 times, or even 100 times... Would anyone really care? I know I wouldn't. In fact, I'd welcome such change.
  12. i thought that was just me Same here... But to be honest, I don't dislike this "bug", as it makes it easier to spot the web on my char (as opposed to "wtf lags? why can't i move or do anything ffs?"), so I can rage and throw insults at everyone and everything immediately. DON'T FIX IT! ;-)
  13. Just to say that I also haven't seen any ogres walk through the barricades. As far as I was aware it was fixed. It happens for my friend and me quite often, so partially fixed I guess.
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