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  1. game needs ascension because you need something to keep you going after you have finished all content and you should add a shop for cosmetics so you can earn money
  2. After all this time this is all you can offer, dd2 get loads of changes and we get this you really are taking the piss out of your customers, i really like dda but after not have any decent content for a year you give us pet transmog which i would never use,i was hoping for some news but after this i give up on your game and i will never buy another game made by you
  3. I was thinking of that idea myself, it would be great if they did it that way
  4. i don't mind it but i think the dragon comes out too much, if you want him coming out there much there should be a way to stop him putting out the flames
  5. i noticed my level 1 FA does 200k less damage
  6. it you try and sell a mat and cancel it, it will keep jumping back to it, just leave the inventory and come back in and it will stop happening
  7. i don't mind grinding for shards and mods but i do hate having to get those poxy motes they need to give more than 5 plain motes a level or allow you to buy some
  8. i take it back about the boost aura, i was just using it wrong thanks for all the info one question does Mass Destruction stack with Destructive Pylon?
  9. since they have introduced ascending the game has become a bore i just build the same three defences and rush to the next ascension, they should do away with ascending and make is so ascension is earned on the character you play. i know i choose the way i play but if there's a fast option there you are going to choose it, i just want each character to be more personal so if i spend a lot of time on one he /she becomes the best i have
  10. it would be nice to just reset one character and still have all the others to mess about with it would make each character more special
  11. yeah quite a few need to be looked at but the boost aura is the weakest defence for the amount of du it cost in the whole game
  12. or at least a reduction in du cost, i just don't understand why it's 40, it costing more than the flame aura is a joke it's boost are not worth it and the slow is useless because the things you want slowed are immune to it. even the range on it is bad it should cost 20 du at most
  13. i think the material storage is fine the 999 limit is right if it was infinite people would never sell any, the only thing i think is wrong is that shards don't stack, they should at least let you have stacks of 10
  14. It says i have 275k dmg at a rate of 0.38 but the dps displays i am only doing 191k
  15. i thought it was common knowledge because it been like it from the start, when you look at other players towers it doesn't always show what they are seeing, it gets it right about 5% of the time, all my friends have the same issue so when we are playing with other people they moaning that your towers are crap when they are not
  16. it's gets annoying that i can never tell the true stats of another players towers
  17. i think is silly that i have a nice high starting floor but i have to keep playing the early stuff just to get plain/shiny motes
  18. i vote for getting rid of it until they can fix it, atm i am on it and the rollers are stuck in the floor at the door which is making the map is take 3 times longer
  19. if your joining others why are you moaning, if they join your game and build i could understand and locking out by gear score with do nothing coz i have low gear score and have max towers but i never join other peoples games, i leave my game open in case someone wants to be carried
  20. i don't think they should give more loot just give more gold
  21. never had a crash before the hotfix, since i have had about 4 but i better not moan i might get warned again
  22. will you please hurry up and get a patch out to reverse what you did in the last patch before it was only the occasional thing getting stuck now it's happening on every map and the temple is a joke with thing taking paths they are not meant to
  23. or make the icon that shows when they first appear stay longer
  24. Why should he waste all that time failing when he can come to the forum and ask, which is what the forum is for. If you don't want to help don't bother replying but please don't moan at people for asking on a forum
  25. you will need a tenacity mod
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