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  1. I have to say that I'm very disappointed by the lack of major changes to the Apprentice towers. Why ever bother with Flameburst or Flamethrower over Skeletal Archers still? Don't say for AoE damage, because their huge range loss and the fact that Explosive Arrows passive exists makes that not a great point. On top of that, removing Frostfire for more Frosty Power is awful without revamping how Frosty Power works. Why not just make Frosty Power make the targets take X% more damage from all sources while they're affected? It's silly that the synergy only applies to auras and traps as it stands. Flameburst and Flamethrower should have their damage and range/AoE range increased further, or some new passive introduced to make them more viable. We'll have to see if Earthshatter is any good after the patch hits, but something tells me just straight increasing its damage doesn't begin to solve the design issues with that tower.
  2. Stack trace attached in photo (link below). Happens regardless of map. Doesn't happen from the tavern, only from the lobby/hub (public matches). http://imgur.com/Ri7ZocQ
  3. Hi everyone, I've tried looking through the forum for awhile now for a strategy for this, but I've only found ONE video. That video by SirKoroshi was informative; his strategy revolved around Huntress Traps, Strength Drain Aura, and Spike Blockades. However... A friend and I tried to mimic that set-up, but neither of us have a trap Huntress, so we tried to substitute with Apprentice Towers. Our set-up looked something like this: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4715 The major problems were the ogres breaking through the north side (and on the last wave, EVERY side), the ninjas killing off towers in the southeast and southwest corners, and the archers getting stray shots on the crystals as soon as they spawned in the northwest/northeast corners. Despite my friend's tower Squire having over 120 tower health, his Spike Blockades seem to drop pretty fast (even with the Strength Drain auras on top). After the set-up is complete, I usually switch to my DPS Countess (~32k DPS single target without CtA up, almost 60k with it up) and he switches to his DPS Huntress (~70k DPS Blasticus). Here are our set-up related stats: Apprentice (Tower) 80/223/87/130 Monk (Aura) 82/218/111/107 Squire (Tower) 149/166/57/101 Does anyone have any helpful hints/suggestions, or superior set-ups? Just to reiterate, we do NOT have a trap huntress available, or higher DPS characters than the ones we have. Thanks in advance!
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