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  1. Oh my ignorant child, i had 4k main / 2k secondary builder stats pre may 28th release - i know what high stats look like. Op already stated that he was in NM. No one joins and does millions of dps im NM - edit: especially per projectile for hero dmg as per op stated. But since you choose to be naive here is a pic of someone ive come across. All games have hackers - there will always be hackers in Dungeon Defenders.
  2. No anti hack system is fool proof, i wouldnt be surprised if op did indeed come across a hacker. There will always be hackers, we can only hope that it wont be as bad as dd1. So far it seems pretty decent, I've only across one player myself.
  3. Whats the max upgraded fire rate on the huntress 'triple threat' weapon? EDIT: nvm,... its the soul focuser... just not as cool
  4. Pretty sure its the Siren "*NEW* The Siren: She enchants enemies around her, making them take permanent unstrippable reduced elemental damage based on her elemental affinity. She also flees, and Defenders who defeat her before she escapes are handsomely rewarded." Even though it says 'elemental' my normal DPS just drops to 10%. I always prioritize and try to kill them asap, before they get their buff out.
  5. Lol what a load of BS - By your reasoning then, no person or company should ever be held accountable to their words because "iT waS yoUr chOice". Your examples of Fyre/cars/timeshares is also laughable. Lawsuits are won everyday against those examples you listed; which would not be true if companies were never held liable/accountable. Accountability is part of growing up - welcome to growing up :)
  6. "This would have been outlined, but we believed we were providing what players wanted, as outlined above, and it seems with some we missed the mark a little." They honestly need some help with their PR. There is no way that the dev team actually thought that placing all EA accounts onto the mod server was 'providing what the players wanted.' Missed the mark a little? Were you aiming with your eyes closed? Also, the price drop cannot possibly be a last minute decision. Your very own website , as of yesterday, said the price would not change , as to "honor" your early backers.
  7. Scummy move by chromatic Should have at least given a heads up so that the Early Access player base would be aware and saved thousands of player hours. Basically wanted EA players to continue playing, as testers.
  8. You see though, you guys DID make it to last wave. Just because you have not been able to master a map in one day is not necessarily a bad thing...
  9. nice wep, but dang that base dmg is so low lol it would take like 20+ upgrades just to get it past 200 lol but nice to see someone beat nightmare mode !
  10. I've used miniguns/trackers/ and disc throwers in UMF Minigun was alright, but no pierce and single target dmg really slowed me down Trackers were pretty good for clearing mobs... the big problem are the ogres, trackers just dont do much DPS. If you're trying to solo, then i feel that using something other than tracker (such as bone / disc) would be your best choice. I currently use Disc, and it works quite well =). --That and the tracker animation gets annoying =P
  11. Wrath Sales... the same wrath sales that has a shop that says "ULTRA $USD SHOP" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992826449/screenshot/613845356562623765/?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992826449/screenshot/613845356562608450/?tab=public ? =P
  12. Want to sell Genie :kobold: 85^ And all positive stats http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992826449/screenshot/614971339516922387/?tab=public And also little dragon dude :wyvern: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992826449/screenshot/613845356561526943/?tab=public Also all positive stats + and he fills your screen with green smoke so u cant see anything =D Looking for anything in offers, even friendship foreveralone.jpeg :skeleton: Steam ID: BraveTurtle
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