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  1. really looking for a HIGH HIGH HIGH DPS Squire weapon. i think the best one is the high five? i heard it can get around 80thousand dps. also i want to buy a blasticus. one with over 30 k dps. let me know if you can help. will buy with LOTS of mana. also my gamertag is DET crackers. message me on xbox not here if you have what im looking for. p.s. also looking to buy really good pets. all types.
  2. hes talking about for the xbox. his gamertag is the same as his username.
  3. so why would you guys even release then? people have already downloaded it. another great move for consoles!
  4. when i try to buy the DLC this Error comes up. http://oi42.tinypic.com/2148ciu.jpg LMAO. you guys should probably fix this. I cant Afford that. haha
  5. So, you mean, a developer put an Easter Egg in the game? Well that's gotta be a first! :P yeah but its a really complex one, you call a phone number and they ask you for all your information then they tell you they'll call you back with your rward in a reasonable time.
  6. everybody online said the reward is really worth it. so i think there is something. unless its one big joke between thousands of members.
  7. i have found the secret barcode, and i have called the number gave them all the information and they have yet to call back. it has been over 2 weeks. and i was really looking forward to the reward or rewards it gave me. i dont know why they haven't called back, but maybe you guys could do something here about it?
  8. :squire::squire::squire: Really need the BEST squire weapons. message me on xbl GT: DET Crackers
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