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  1. hey to all of you fellow strategy lovers :) Trendy promised to deliver 1 (ONE) new map with each of the "quest for the blabla ..." updates. I mainly loved the game for its mixture of tower defense + action elements. no game update so far gave me anyhting worthwile. (nightmare mode for fellow 90% of players that cant even manage deeper wells, huh? yeah thats worth my bucks ..) I'd dearly pay for a BUNCH of storymode missions where the strategy aspect that initially made me love this game was given more than a fleeting "ok dude". is there anyone with me? :)
  2. nothing beats TrendyNet's interdepence to Steam. steam is upgdating? GG - you won't be able to play for the next 2-5 hours. suck it up. lol. how frustrating ...
  3. happy new year :) love you trendy =) now please release more maps than XXX-modes that "ultimately 10-15% of the playerbase can win". make the game have more cool maps that anyone can try. thx :) edit: got 5 friends who loved DunDef and bought it right from the start. 5/5 are now telling me, "why should we bother with new DLC? we can't even tackle the easiest ****ing NIGHTMARE stuff anyways. DLC for 5% of the playerbase? no thanks". so I'm left alone. guess there's a lot who feel the same. give us maps, please. not nightmare pseudo-endgame-time-wastedumps
  4. grammar nazi incoming: they're =/= their =/= there
  5. I LOVED the game for what it was. kept browsing forums, interacting with people, giving Trendy hints and feedback .. I'm done. sadly. but the latest "content" patch introducing ONE SINGLE storymap with a nightmare mode to make you farm and grind for 50 more hours before even your strongest char was able to touch it ... lol. not my idea of a cool RPG+towerdefense game. even sadder: during christmas last week, all of my friends asked me wide-eyed: "what, you're still playing DunDef? o_o " :( and I love this game so much for its flair and idea ... well, used to, I guess.
  6. "500 stats" in a single hero ability or all of them together? I'd say I have pretty decent gear, but I get barely above 300+ towerdmg while not neglecting the other stats ...
  7. that also depends on how much more content comes by then and how much of it I'll have to pay for. for me, the price of DLC doesnt matter, as long as it's worth what I paid for. and in DunDef, as many others pointed out in the course of this thread, content is NOT difficulty levels. its maps. its fun. its different setups. maybe mobs that force us to try out even other setups. MAPS. not the 6th "there's 200 ogres spawing per second, sit in your aura and keep left-clicking"-map.
  8. I'm playing DunDef for the cool maps and the aspect of finding good strategies for different maps. So, with just one storymap included, I feel somewhat disappointed. couldn't care less about nightmare mode (which I'm not going to be able to beat within the next 10 months, nor do I feel I like grinding up my way there) or pvp (which noone plays anyways). I'm pretty sure a large portion of the playerbase loves DunDef for the many different maps and possible setups, as well. hope to get more maps in the future instead of content that only caters to the top 5% that like grinding. any heads up regarding the "many new maps" aspect from the devs? =)
  9. this change is very frustrating, yes. I feel thrown back by 2 weeks for no apparent reason. :( nightmare I can't stand up to a single wave either. so ... what is there to do for me now with this DLC-update -_-
  10. wow, that was fast! thanks a lot jeremy!
  11. price is just fine with me, I had just hoped they'd implement some cool new maps with the DLC instead of more mindnumbing MonsterFest stuff ("here's 1000 mobs, rightclick and wait") or PvP that only a few play anyway. we want tower defense =) so yeah 1 map + 1 challenge is a bit disappointing to me, I thought I'd read something about 3 maps somewhere .. but might have been these 3 modes that were being talked about
  12. content's being theoretically launched, no patchnotes given yet, it's 1 AM here on the 16th sad panda.
  13. oh god the centuries old mac vs pc stuff. -_- yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn dont you guys have to be contemplating some religious commandment or the like, please? wait ... we're close to that topic anyway -_-
  14. so when does the steam store usually update? are there fixed times every date or is it random?
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