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  1. just so developers know it happens once and awhile
  2. I had hoped for more with this zone. I beat it on my first attempt solo going in totally blind. had hoped the boss would be harder or something. I'm sure survival will be a pain. This build uses Squire stuff and 5 snares. The Darkness traps are optional and will make no difference in the campaign. If you have trouble in X area, there is 30 DU left to toy around with. This build isn't perfect but i had no issues doing the zone solo with it on my first attempt. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/506893194407712770/208B955E5C614AE53605383472077CEC235423C1/ Squire stuff with no auras to im
  3. Good afternoon. I was banned from the dungeon defenders. At first did not realize why it was banned but I thought better and I remembered having experienced a hacked item for a player but returned it to him immediately. I have all the game's DLC, and I would love dungeon defenders I draw back the ban please. My steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fabioema/ I was always banned about 10minutes ago without warning no emails sent saying why or anything and I personally have NEVER HACKED. i have purchased all dlc's I feel as they just stole my money
  4. is wave 25 suppose to be the final wave on the misty nightmare mixmode?
  5. Was this done on purpose to force us to use Apprentice towers for some thing? :| was clearly accidental seeming they already fixed it. they already submitted 7.17c to valve
  6. it would be amazing if you could tell your towers what monsters you want them to prioritize on so the towers u set up for wyverns or anything attacks them first! i personally would love if you could tell every tower what u want them to attack first
  7. yeah they cant even hit skeletons even though the arrows are going right threw them. also true
  8. i just tried survival misty on nightmare mixmode and harpoons are having problems hitting spiders goblins, and kobolds. please try to fix this asap
  9. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/630734179483267333/1889D1B121F9EAE951A0A3666EE116E2697F0E1E/ good hero stats high resist and decent tower stats lemme know
  10. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/630734179483267333/1889D1B121F9EAE951A0A3666EE116E2697F0E1E/ post offers
  11. title says it all i take up 2 character slots easy money
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