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  1. Better yet, I'd love to see some items in the lockboxes that actually inspire people to farm for the keys or purchase the keys. That said, yeah duplicates are pretty crappy especially since you can trade them or anything.
  2. Hey there guys. Checking to see if there's anyone who would be willing to grab some screenshots for the wiki. We could really do with some high res images of the skill icons, loot icons, pictures of all currently available costumes and their upgrades, as well as anything else you guys might happen upon. Basically, all images are welcome, the higher the res the better. If anyone is interested I'll start a wishlist of screen shots we need for the wiki. And of course, a link to said wiki! Magical Wiki Link Thanks in advance, if anyone decides to help out!
  3. Towers

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    +1, would love to see something like this implemented!
  4. Thanks a ton Hecate! I looked around but couldn't find any of that information in one place. Any set ETA on when anything like that might be taking place? Or is it just whenever it happens, like the other roadmap goals?
  5. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on how the levels in your hero deck work when attempting to play with multiple characters? I understand that there is a down leveling feature, but what use is that when a lv. 12 and lv. 14 cannot be used in the same Hero Deck? Just a little confused...
  6. Funny isn't it? Anyone who has not seen something like that drop, believes that it can't drop and kicks anyone that sees it. Anyone who has seen it cant believe that someone would ever kick for it and is frustrated. This tends to apply with Stats and other aspects of the game as well.
  7. Nope, don't think it would hold MM too well.
  8. Figured I would share my build for Throne Room NMHC Survival. Link is below. Please do give me feedback. Disclaimer: I do have decent NM stats, so I am looking forward to any available feedback from those farming this map for gear. http://ddplanner.com/?l=9522,laruae-throne-room-nightmare-survival-compatable
  9. i sure wouldn't mind seeing that, but realistically i think my suggestion would be an easier one to code. and honestly part of the fun is running around looking at stuff, for me at least. i'd just feel more comfortable hitting "g" if i could take a last glance at the minimap for missed ultimates (purple? really? are you guys intentionally trying to make these things blend in???) & accessories and NOT see all the defense clutter. Last I checked, Mythical was a Teal color, Transcendent was the Purple, Superior was Yellow, and Ultimate a dark blue shade.
  10. Not saying that this is a highly important addition, but I feel it would certainly improve the game in some way. As for the stats issue, accessories do sometimes have decent stats, enough to push your stats over certain numbers, if you farm hard enough. If the accessories were there only for their image, then they would not have been given stats in the first place. However the accessories do have stats and if you are lucky, can actually end up giving a good deal of stats to a somewhat limited allotment of how high a certain stat can go. Ultimate set maxes at 600 each, 600 for the weapon,
  11. As much as I love the bonuses afforded to me by the various accessories in the game, some of the better ones happen to look quite ridiculous. An option to hide these accessories in order to better enjoy our magnificent costumes would be very, very welcome. I don't know how difficult to implement this would be, but I can't imagine it would be too hard.
  12. Hence the remark about canon. Still feel left out as now to get the most out of a squire/countess, you've gotta stick to Squire.
  13. That's the whole point of this thread. The OP wants the other classes to be buffed, monk is fine as is, just better all around than every other class, the other classes need to have major improvements. The only point I don't agree with from the OP is the fact that Monk's ARE the intended support class, with hero boost and tower boost. That's where monk's are supposed to excel, not be better at the other classes with about everything. I agree that the monk should be the support class, but when it does better solo than anyone else, its not much of a support class in comparison. Hence the post.
  14. Ultimate or no, its still frustrating to know that you don't get those effect because you didn't stick with the vanilla heroes.
  15. As my main is a Countess, I happen to feel terribly left out in the fact that we do not get our own adult skins. While I do understand that this may be for canon's sake, it is frustrating to have leveled a Countess instead of a squire and then be unable to get the costume effects or the ability from the Ultimate Legendary Knight. Anyone else not feeling the love?
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