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  1. [c3;517032']as a summoner, i was fond of using a monkey and genie combo. it worked quite well, because i could hide in far off places and still get mana. the only thing is, monkeys have a kinda slow attack rate. ive recently starting using a hawk and genie, and the mana builds up quite quickly. you have to get a little bit closer, but they still have pretty good range, and if you just keep popping in and out of overlord mode, more often than not you wont take any damage. I use a serpent and genie combo. But for fast mana collection, I fly over a lane. Just jump and hover down the lane
  2. I put towers directly behind my walls. You have to do constant repairs, but the towers prevent the walls from moving.
  3. Just FYI. She runs no faster. I did 4 runs of a long path on aqua side by side with a male summoner. We both ran exactly the same speed. Casting rate is reported to be identical. If she flies a little faster I am yet to spot it. The only significant different is that she has less HP. Did the two characters have the exact same stats?
  4. Like all the characters.
  5. I guess it comes down to the fact that not everyone will like every map. And it's not exactly fair to assume Trendy is only making stuff just for you.
  6. If you dont zoom in to the right amount, minions dont move where you tell them to. It also doesnt help, that there are a lot of layers in your sight, that you have to pass through to get to your target area. The trick for Talay is to go into overlord mode near one of the middle crystals. By that I mean the middle vertically. So that you need less time to zoom up or down. It does take a bit of time to adapt. And you have to realize that overlord mode isn't always the best way to repair. Sometimes you have to just go out and walk/fly there instead. Also, when you are in overlord mode,
  7. Coukd you define "Overlord mode not working properly". I've not experienced any difficulties in overlord mode on any of the maps so far, including Talay.
  8. Djinless + Genie combo is even faster/more mana :D Haven't gotten around to farming a djinnlet yet. :P
  9. Not so sure about that. Since I tend to fly into huge clutters of enemies, I get over 500 mana every time my djinnlet attacks. I think I once got 900 mana all in one shot, but I might be mistaken on that. Regardless, mana gathering times barely matters since once you have the mana, takes forever to run out unless you are still upgrade or placing stuff. Also don't you need like a fully upgraded genie to get a lot of mana? Only takes like 5-10 seconds to reach max mana with my djinnlet. It usually takes about 5 seconds max to fill up on mana. And by flying down the lanes, you're always flying
  10. Summoner hands down. You can effectively double your defenses, and the Summoner is a hoot to play as well.
  11. The real joy of this game is that it is possible to find many ways to play. You can use a mix of defenses or you can go heavy on just one type. For some maps it is really hard to use just one type of tower, on other maps its ridiculously easy. I'm having no real troubles with my apprentice tower build. I can solo many maps on NM and NM HC, and every few runs through such maps I find a piece of useful gear. When I run into difficulties I re-evaluate my approach. With so many options available, it's silly to repeat something over and over again for the same results.
  12. Up to at least low end nightmare, that isn't really a problem. It's not that hard to save up to full mana and then just use it to heal stuff for the entire wave. If you need more mana then just go in front of your towers, exit phase, and immediately press overlord. High probability that you won't get hit and you are able to pick up a lot of mana instantly. I find the fastest way is to equip a good dps pet and a genie. Jump and fly down over a lane of mobs. Not only will you vacuum up all the mana off the ground, your genie will bring in mana way faster than djinnlets. The only real danger
  13. Too dangerous? Jump and fly over the lanes, you'll vacuum up mana like mad. As long as you keep moving, only the ninjas are dangerous.
  14. You can also scroll back with your mouse's scroll button, the overlord map will then move a bit faster.
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