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  1. This is a very well written and well thought out post. I had planned on getting in some quality time with the game over the holidays, but the futility of trying to catch up in a legit manner makes me want to reconsider my plans.
  2. Player "drizztfarm" is making trading games selling fully upgraded mythical items for paypal payment. He has a other accounts called "drizztwarehouse" and "drizztloot". From speaking to him, it sounds like other people are involved in farming and selling.
  3. Best part of a much needed patch. The only complainers of this change have been the 1% who have had a monopoly on nightmare loot until now. It's time for the 99% to actually have a chance in the economy.
  4. We do plan to continue to balance and improve things in our game. Including Spiders. However... this is Nightmare mode. I don't make the decisions but in my humble opinion... I don't think the average, or even 10%-15% of people ever will, or should, beat Nightmare mode. As we continue forward, better strats will be created. Better gear will be found. The kicker is that more mobs will be added to the mode >=] We are always open to suggestions and truly appreciate them! That is an extremely disappointing design philosophy. A game community falls apart when the developers cater solely to
  5. This always happens to me after a couple rounds on insane. There's no fps lag involved (core i5 2500k, hd6950), things just stop loading and it gets worse and worse until I can't even see the map progress bar or use skills. The only way to fix it is to exit and reenter the game, which obviously isn't a, acceptable solution for maps like UMF.
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