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  1. Had a run on this earlier, great concept and looking forward to more updates on it :)
  2. I agree a rebalance is needed. Beating bosses because I've got a good pet is silly :( More player dps is a must to keep the uniqueness of the game. atm I build my stuff and sit almost afk on my builder asides from repairs or loot runs.
  3. It's a big massive pita to have to rebuild a 160DU survival layout because of bugs and DCs. Give us an option to save a layout within the limits of mana on the starting wave on a map. All this does is saves time in a mode that already allows infinite build time and means I (and I'm sure others) don't feel like climbing a clock tower whenever a DC happens or kobold decides to walk through a barrier. Thoughts?
  4. Nice layout, thanks out. Just got beaten on wave 19 when an ogre decided to walk through my barrier at the middle crystal :/
  5. For the love of god reduce the xp needed or buff the levels to give more....so sick of glitter. :/
  6. Had -17 reload speed on a tracker and with a clip size of 746 it took 33 seconds to reload to full.
  7. A true billion is a million million aka 1,000,000,000,000 However for whatever reason (monetary I think) a Billion (in currency at least) is widely accepted as a thousand million or 1,000,000,000. So the mana cap is two thousand million or 2 "billion" 2,000,000,000 :)
  8. What you running? I'd prefer some survival HC :) I can bring a hero monk and an aura monk.
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