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  1. I think my issue is the time... I think any legit player can contest the Mana curve in this game is very very low. I was shocked at how much mana I was getting in UMF... I actually feel pretty ripped off... I mean... you guys maybe do appreciate this: I did HOURS and HOURS and HOURS now of farming mana..... HOURS. Like: enough time to level 2-3 max level toons in some MMO and gear them out. I'm sorry... buuut... that ain't right. This is a CONSOL game.
  2. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?33709-So-I-was-wrong.-My-apologies. I tried and couldn't complete wave 1 UMF with 250-300 stat aura+traps... granted my DPS is probably only about 95-100k... to get to this point in the game has taken me HOURS of playing... and grinding Hard Ramps and Hard Glitter for mana to boost my gear to even just this stage. I didn't just try one time either... I attempted several strategies I read about online... I have the links bookmarked to player pictures how they are setting up their stats etc... so I its not like I didn't do a bit of research either.
  3. So I have been busting my butt off in getting geared up... I had a change of heart which hero I wanted to DPS with, and sold off some of the gear I was working on upgrading. That left me enough for a 30mil vendor pet... finally... and so I was developing my group of heroes more and more... spending hours farming mana. On a good note... it looks like my AFK shopping has been restored... so hopefully they fixed whatever bug that was on the back end... that gives me a LITTLE bit extra mana anyways. Last night I left a game up to sell of 1 more pet with specific wording for that pet type.
  4. to you its work and isn't fun. I have had a blast met tons of people, I do it during study breaks between my studies. As far as botting meh it happens, in games that require some grind I usually try to find a way to maximize rewards and minimize effort. Either way the conclusion is you don't want to put time into the game. That's cool, but then don't whine when ppl kick you for being useless out of games. I play solo usually. Meh you know what - this isn't even worth any more time or effort. I farmed over 10mil anyways since the start of this thread. Trendy F'd up in my opinion. T
  5. The OP is an occupy DD, tenter. Take a bath and get a job hippy! =O Wow... never looked at it that way... buuuuuut... I guess if the shoe fits I should wear it =)
  6. 1) I do kinda like this idea but I'm relatively unaffected by it as I'm not really lazy and if I go broke I just go earn more mana. 2) See #2 suggestion number 3 is dumb. 1/100 rounds means you mine as well stop complaining and do what you've been suggested to do in the first place. Equal access? You mean you want the same items that someone who puts time in? No. You want to be on par with people who actually spend time doing the game but you don't want to spend the time. Well then just do hards and insanes and you wont need to do that and you can just enjoy the game w/o needing hella
  7. Theguy I do belive you got this wrong... Its not a mmorpg. Its a grind feast game. You need to put time into the game to get stuff... But if you do glitterings caverns on hard. You will be making about 3-4 millions a run. As you get to insane u will be making even more... I went over the math involved earlier in the thread... and... I guess I'm of the opinion that currently there is too much of a gap in the game from start to end game... and anyone looking to sell anything besides to the vendor are out of luck... basically it is a pyramid-scheme where the top dog will always be top dog.
  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha look me up on facebook my name is josh chew, I'll be the first person in the search. please understand that I am in no way intimidated by you and would love to meet you in person to see what you would actually do. I have no need for violence but when you threaten me and say things out of pure ignorance and self love, that is just something I can't stand about a person. So please come find me and put me on my back. hahahahahaha - soooo funny... I'm not threatening you. Does everyone hate you that much that you mince my words? Re-read what I wrote, tough guy. H
  9. You farm glitter because you are too bad to farm UMF like everyone else. I was doing 70k dps when I started farming it. But keep doing nothing but hard glitter, that way you'll stay in your crappy gear so people will know right away that you're garbage, and won't have to waste a wave to find out. I would pay money to see you talk this way to someone IRL. I think it would be funny to see some little scrawny, 120 pound soppin' wet, tiny-headed, pimply nerd talking smack to someone... only to get put on their back violently. =) I would actually pay for a plane-ticket to see that happen. I
  10. No - I just want access... equal access in selling items and generating some kind of side mana. Just because I wasn't playing nor took advantage of some early bugs that allowed a huge chunk of this games population to walk away this hundreds of millions of mana without having a wipe... (*cough - high-five - cough*) or early duping issues.... I was already doomed to start from well behind the benchmark. Not to mention the math involved here.... which you conveniently skip over to attempt to berate me.... how special for you.... doesn't negate the logic: it's not fun to grind. Hours upon
  11. Again you want things that are in easier modes to drop that have no business dropping on that mode. You've been given suggestions now do with them what you will oh mighty maker of the gaming industry. No - I just want access... equal access in selling items and generating some kind of side mana. Just because I wasn't playing nor took advantage of some early bugs that allowed a huge chunk of this games population to walk away this hundreds of millions of mana without having a wipe... (*cough - high-five - cough*) or early duping issues.... I was already doomed to start from well behind the
  12. I wish there was a calculator out so we could just look at the data and work it out. We don't have access to the "raw data" and I couldn't tell you if it is even item specific of just an over-all "any item" costs X amount per level upgrade.... I do know that the giraffe costs are double to upgrade per level for example... however: I can tell you this for 100% certainty: this is some of my own gear costs to upgrade right now... Level 13 upgrade = 154793 Level 16 upgrade = 210700 level 33 upgrade = 617362 So... even if we play around and make up the following data... 1: 10,000
  13. Laziness---I join games with crap gear and expect ppl to carry me. Lack of visible games--this is a valid concern. You might wanna seek tech forums. It takes about 30 minutes for me to do Glitterhelm on hard using a 70 Squire and a 70 Huntress. Not to mention I can sub out a ~70 character to level up during waves 6-9. This usually nets me about 1.5-2m per solo run, 3m or so with four people. Today I bought a 55^ Sword, Bow, Gun, and Spear for my alts. All for under 10m. Not to mention the 55^ armor I got for 1m a piece. You are looking in the wrong shops my friend. Other than that, I don'
  14. Never did get a Tandy, but did have a couple TRS-80's. Not that age, or how long you been playing games, has anything to do with the fact that in this particular game you're horrible. In fact, I take that back. It does kinda make it worse that you can't figure out simple concepts in a very easy game. I stand by my original solitaire statement. I take it you didn't get my message so I guess I'll be a little clearer: **** off with the flaming. Is that clear enough for you?
  15. Comparing WoW market to DD is just silly, most profit didnt come from selling gear in WoW. At least not at my time, unless you count selling raidspot and raid loot. But on WoW you had so much sub category stuff to sell and simply materials & consumables. Not to mention tons of people saw your stuff at AH. DD you sell through localized shops which limit your opportunity to sell or to find selling points that suit everyone. Its true that highest tier loot sells atm easily and tbh the prices ive sold stuff is dirt cheap considering the work and effort needed overtime to put to be able to do
  16. They do. It's called UMF. I just finished a run, took about 50 minutes maybe with build times, and made 43 million before selling drops. Can't finish a whole run? Get as far as you can, pick up everything along the way. It's not a hard concept. I've yet to do a full regular survival, let alone mix mode, and now when I run UMF i do split screen with my aura monk sitting afk, pushing up and down on the d-pad every couple minutes. In the 2 hours you talked about playing, you could get 2 complete runs or 4 partial runs done. That will give you plenty of upgrades and gear to sell. I'm sorry you'
  17. I don't know why you guys are being so defensive here. Let's clarify some things before we continue this discussion: 1) I want a method in game that allows me to make some Mana on the side as a casual. A "hardcore" already has the means to stay well.... and I do mean WELL... ahead of me in this game already. You will ALWAYS be sooo much more uber than I ever will be in this lifetime... and I don't mind that. HOWEVER... trading should not be reserved ONLY for the rich. And don't give me that "well - just sell what you got" BS. If you've spent even 5 minutes looking at even 1-2 AFK games
  18. So you don't want to farm 30 mill to buy your first pet, which would solve all your money issue. hm....... I am trying. 30mil isn't easy. Mana gains are incredibly terrible... they are deliberately making this game grindy and not-fun... and inaccessible.
  19. Because SWTOR won't have advancement gaps? It's the same for any game with clear "tiers" of gear, you move from one to the next. It's expected... and in MMOs there are ways to make money on the auction... it's a totally "fair" trading market. Unlike this pyramid-scheme we have here. When I quit WOW, I had over 120k gold on my auctioneer... that was putting in about 10-15mins of "work" every day and averaging something like 400-700gold per day. There were many more items that I could either farm myself... or work the markets. Not to mention a couple of "epic" random drops while leveling
  20. so you dont put in the same time as someone else and you're mad that they can do things you cant? The game requires some time to reach those end points but you just want it handed to you. If that doesn't appeal to you just stick to hard and insane difficulties those are easily doable. The advancement gap is time based put some basic time in and you get rewards, but dont whine because you aren't/can't do that, its unfair to expect the same lvl of stuff as ppl who do. I don't care if you have leet 100^ gear. I don't. Don't get me wrong here. This isn't about that. It's the fact that the ri
  21. I believe geopgrahic restrictions are still in place, aside from that I don't know what the issue is.. but opis right. Have found people selling items on forums and literally could not join and/or see each others' games. Very frustrating and Trendy doesn't seem to address it at all. I don't think it's a geographical issue... my brother is in the same town as I am... and unable to see my AFK game... I have listed it on STEAM (thinking that was the issue... it isn't) and I have also attempted to "show game" "hide game" function within the game to change it... This is why I think it is tied
  22. Why is it that the ONLY currency that every account can positively be involved in is the pets available on the vendor... and yet... they are for THIRTY Mil. For someone who plays 1-2 hours each night... attaining 30mil, while still grinding out/filling out gear is quite frankly: impossible. Fine: devaluing the "pet" market... I get it. But the problem lies that the "Rich Man's Club" who are farming the 50-70+ ^s will always have the money anyways. Do you genuinely think that some casual 1-2 hour a night player will EVER have 100mil for a pet anyways? While I am busy buying out your 1
  23. You are not the only one... I think it is tied in to building "private" games... which I basically only do. And I have had my brother, while on the phone with him... telling him the exact AFK shop name... and him not seeing my game. I have attempting to reboot the computer... attempted to create a public game first as I log in... but still nothing. I have sat for over 4 days AFK day and night and never see a single person enter into my game. I believe there is a setting my my profile that is stuck to "private" game no matter if I have it set to public or not. Please feel free to check
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