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  1. @theguy: iUMF takes 1 hours from tavern crystal to rewards. those 30 minutes is just combat time, not including build time. Another thing I've noticed while reading your reply's is that you see mana gains per map as something that should net you millions. You are not considering selling pets from the shop. I said a few times over these forums that glitter insane or hard could give you good to great pets to sell. I'll agree with another poster that you complain about your wife and kid about lack of play time. my question is if you have a wife and kid why are you so focused in beating in
  2. basically what he wants is spend an hour or two and get top gears while hardcore players grinds for 4-5 hours for same gear No... you are wrong. I don't know how many times I have to say that... I guess you didn't read the entire thread as this is probably the 4th or so time I've said I don't mind being a tier behind... and am NOT looking for the best gear. But I don't believe the progression in this game is figured out. That being said: you currently have an elite map that gives you top gear that you can complete in 30-35 mins... with gains of 15-20mil mana per hour. Why is there not
  3. Guess who wants the Turkey costume? This guy! Guess who wants to earn the Turkey costume? This guy! Guess who doesn't want the Turkey Hunt dumbed down and made easier? This guy! Honestly it would be sweet to do UMF runs but I'm not even close to that level yet I've only been playing 70 hours so far, there is one thing that makes things not worth having, and thats not having to work for the things worth having. I realize you don't seem to have the time, but that Isn't the developers fault. Heres a suggestion, stop playing on Trendynet with your ranked characters look into mods that make
  4. I'd also like to add that none of my monk's gear has more than 57^ (exception of pet/weapon). 57, 54, 44, 44 are my ^s. All of which are obtainable in survival. I actually don't think I'm wearing any UMF armors to be quite honest. I've yet to really find any that are "OMG MUST USE" except maybe one piece my traptress is wearing that has like +50 tatk on it or something. The game doesn't need to be made easier.. loot mistakes just need to happen less often. that's all. Interesting.... actually my brother just emailed me and says the following: "I kind of wonder about Dungeon Defenders -
  5. see this mod got a point, op is just complaining with a hacked item You obviously didn't get the point... Jetah just sided with what I've been saying this whole time: There is no 30-40 min map that gives... welll frankly... even HALF the rewards that insane UMF gives.... even just HALF that mana input would be soooo good for low accounts.
  6. JDanford the problem is you cannot complete easy UMF to get gear to complete Medium, to get gear to complete Hard. to get gear to complete insane. the progression from glitter insane to UMF insane requires you to have better gear then you can get w/o doing survival (assuming you don't have the mana to buy something from a shop, or refuse to buy something from a shop). OMG!!!!! HOLD ME DOWN AND SLAP ME SILLY!!! Thank you Jetah.... THANK YOU!!!! God... was that so freaking hard, guys?
  7. what the point of this thread? a casual player complaining bc he cant get hardcore stuff? Mana gains are too low on lower end maps... waaay too much time investment needed... and there is also nothing that a lowbie account can use to participate in the AFK trade system to "catch up" on the mana front while AFK.
  8. Guess who doesn't deserve the loot from UMF if he isn't capable of getting to that point? It's like WoW players complaining that end game raids are too exclusive so Blizzard dumbs down the system and makes everything more casual like so random joe can pick up random people and go into it. It's also part of what ruined the game. Don't ruin this one too by petitioning Trendy to not make anything hard because not everyone can make use of it. As said though, glitter/summit insane or hard will give tavern pets that you can sell that many want and will buy. Or did you ignore that solution that I g
  9. And thus the issue is exposed. Guess who sat through survival to 25? THIS GUY. Guess who has gear to do UMF? THIS GUY. Guess who has 40-60^+ armors now to continue doing UMF? THIS GUY. Guess who only has 261 hours played (minus maybe 50 hours of afk shop being open)? THIS GUY. And I did 98% of it on my own solo. The 2% exception is where I've been tagging along with people in IRC into their UMFs. Guess who doesn't have 4-6 hours to sit in a game because he works, has a son, a wife, etc... THIS GUY Guess who is very jealous that there is a map designed to be 30-40 mins that gives all the ul
  10. You seroiusly need to actually READ these threads. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?33860-From-zero-to-hero-in-under-3-hours http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?33709-So-I-was-wrong.-My-apologies. They didn't have 35^ gear. They didn't have the best weapons in the game. They didn't spend X random number of hours that you randomly spun out of thin air. Go cry about some nonexistant issue somewhere else. I will repeat myself a final time. DON'T CALL YOURSELF A CASUAL IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY AS A CASUAL. THE HARDEST CONTENT IN THE GAME MAY NOT BE FOR YOU. DON'T CO
  11. Good point. If you're on the CONSOLE as you say that you are, just use the glitch and stop trolling the forums with redundant arguments. It's been proven that you can enter UMF in less than a day, so stop saying that you FAILED on it because of some outside reason. A tip: don't use enrage/ensnare auras. They waste time. Correct! I see that now after 1 time making it to wave 11 =) Also it is much easier to heal and upgrade less stuff.... And I am not on consol... sorry let me just clarify I am on PC. I call this a consol game though. =)
  12. So, if I have 600 hours play time in this game... (which I do!) I should not be allowed to have gear that others don't have the patience to farm? If there isn't some mountain top to sit on, what do you strive for? If everyone had a ton of mana right away, then what would I sell my very best loot for? There is a matter of supply and demand. Prices go up as demand goes up. That is simple economics. If everyone could break into UMF insane right away, then prices on all the gear would be dirt cheap. I wouldn't have a reason to edge out every last bit of dps to barely beat UMF if someone wi
  13. And you think I've been at UMF for weeks? I didn't start doing UMF until a few days ago. You seem to not realize just how bad you are that you lose wave11 with a weapon that does 750k damage per swing. It has nothing to do with some bad mechanic in game or some terrible mana curve. You not being able to succeed is no one's fault but your own. You hack an item that does 750k damage and still are unable to progress beyond what people do with 100k dps. The system isn't at fault here. You are. You can try to make up some story surrounding your hacked item to make it seem like you're not at fault f
  14. I disagree... I did the math in another thread just to upgrade to 35/35 for 4 heroes. (I think 3 would be fine but still)... NOT including the cost involved of buying a 30mil pet on vendor (which I argue is necessary) or a weapon... which you basically will always be upgrading and investing mana into.... the HOURS and HOURS necessary is just ridiculous... and the rate gains for that stage of gear are equally ridiculous. Come on now... 2-4mil per hour mana gains. BRB: will get the chart I made from the other thread and then you let me know if you still stand with that argument.... Here is
  15. I disagree, the mana curve is proper, realistically you will be farming UMF for the best gear available and your going to have to upgrade that gear to be ready for Nightmare mode. The mana your receiving is for upgrades, its going to cost you hundreds of millions to fully upgrade all your UMF gear. Not to mention all that extra mana is pointless because you won't be buying anything else besides maybe a pet for your character from there on out. At least until Nightmare and new game challenge's come out. I disagree... I did the math in another thread just to upgrade to 35/35 for 4 heroe
  16. I was able to beat 2 waves on my 50k dps monk before I got this new weapon. PLEASE add me, join my game, and let me see this weapon that gets you stuck on wave 11. Sakisan... you do understand that I have zero concept of level 10+ UMF until that 1 game... this 1 time in the game... the very very first time on that stage of the game... with "hacked" (who knows) item or not.... and some very badly placed auras which I understand now... this is why I hit wave 11 and ran out of time.... with no deaths. You get that, right? It's not like I've battled my head against this... with this crazy
  17. The point is you cannot beat end game content with a weapon that is arguably 20+ tiers above current content. Please add me to steam, join my game, and let me view the stats on it personally. No - see? You completely missed the point of this thread... by a mile. It has nothing to do with the item. It has everything to do with the fact that LEGITLY I invested probably a solid 150-200+ hours into this game or more... and have gotten about 20/35 upgrade gears... have roughly 250-325 or so of tower stats on my characters... and (my fault I DID have more but just switched my DPS character) ab
  18. Can you ban people from making posts on the forums? "My thread was closed, better make another!" This is getting really annoying. If it bothers you... go ahead and put me on your ignore. The thread was closed because some trolls started a flame war... and I engaged..... not because of the topic of discussion. I'm carefully adding the trolls/flame kids to ignore and not engaging them this go-round. Feel free to do the same with me. It did take a bit of searching... to add someone to ignore... but I can walk you to it if you want/need. =)
  19. Guy, hand me that weapon and I will hold down mouse1 and win without any traps or auras. How can you NOT win with a hacked weapon like that? You hardly need a strat at all when you do 750k damage per hit. WOOOOSH.... you totally missed the point.
  20. Not sure what you mean here. You don't like having to be progressively better geared/strategize to get access to progressively harder content with progressively better rewards? (hint: progress) You have access to every single map the game has to offer, though beating it completely is directly tied to your skill as a player. Nothing about this is true. You can afk shop anytime you want. I'm guessing if you cant afk shop for 500 mil/hour you consider it a waste of time...? I'm still confused tbh. Can you sum up your argument into a 1 sentence statement? The argument: the current mana ga
  21. If you cannot make it past wave 11 there is something more wrong here than the system. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008729586/screenshot/650999433919314386 see this weapon? This is what I use to pull 136k dps and get to wave 13+. I can only ponder as to how it took a hacked 750k dps weapon to even get to 11 and then fail. It was my first run with it... I got the item... did 1 game with it... posted this thread. I'm sure I'll beat it tonight when I get home from work. Tweak my late game strategies a little.
  22. Captain Obvious says...hacked. Welp, you might want to re-think this thread. You are complaining about unfair advantages...while farming with a hacked item that is miles beyond any legit super loot. Just a thought. When I've reach the gear goals necessary to be on the level that I want to be on... I'll retire it. Even if it is hacked... which I can't prove or disprove either way... that's not even the point. The point is that now I have a method to cut down on the needed time block... a completely shallow and unnecessary time block... that prevents me access to the game. I just cut abo
  23. Post a SS of this weapon, I'm curious to see it. I'm not sure how to post them? I have never seen anything this insane... so I'm quite certain it is hacked.... but here are the stats: 91/91 64k physical damage 418mil? (the numbers cut off so maybe 418 thousand) damage fire 99 (I think or maybe 199 numbers issue) knockback 148% block 128 to 8 stats (like movement, 2x spec abilities, and some towers) So ya: am pretty sure it is hacked... I do like 750k DPS in a swing or something like that.... but this IS in ranked. For the record too... if it even matters... I NEVER EVER do anyt
  24. Quoting to share my experience as well. I was convinced to beat UMF on my own, without purchasing other players' super-loot and only using gear I found in MM and out of UMF to see if the path of progression was still possible without 7.12b drops. I had worked my way up to and had been stuck on wave 13 for at least a week. Even after pushing my builders stats up to 350-400s, and gearing the hell out of my Huntress with three different 70^ weapons picked up in my previous runs, I still ran out of time on wave 13 with 1-5 monsters left to kill. I saw someone mention the melee Monk worked well
  25. There is a very steep incline that happens with sellable items right now. Once you start acquiring ~45+ armors and ~65+ weapons, they sell for an incredible amount atm. While holding onto your mana wealth seems like the right thing to do, it isn't. More investment in your gear + a strat that works = high end farming. I went from hours of grind farming making 5-20mil per run.....to making 400 mil in a night with an afk shop. Max out your dps toon. Max out your builders. Win. Totally... even now I can see that it helped working on my gear... it seems to be paying off... my Aura Monk needs
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