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  1. same thing, tried everything listed on the forums except reinstalling
  2. Ya, there at least a couple that I have seen that are in the 340k's. I am at 339k atm w/o any dhp or hero hp on boots.
  3. whats your steam name? what is your general play time?
  4. Currently gear is being scaled down even in the same map that you found the item. Just wondering if anyone else is annoyed by the way gear scaling is working in its current state. I can understand it being scaled back for such things as campaign and other sub 50 maps, but once I get to 50 and am playing endgame maps does there really need to be an ilvl cap on each level/step of the game? This probably frustrated me the most when I had to spam Big Horn Valley maps for an egg, but still had my gear scaled down while doing so... I don't like the required grind on the two maps I dislike the most in the game to get something and to worsen it further by throttling my stats made it truly un-enjoyable.
  5. New players would greatly benefit from an in-game tutorial forcing them to place a certain way to see how things synergize and such... Also some sort of in-game graphic to show how different towers and classes interact would be helpful to them I think Proper play is more critical than over-gearing to brute force the game mechanics... also rng and hard caps on things are two seperate things. Note - some of this may be in-game through the tutorial notes, but I am meaning a more in-depth approach to help new players begin the game with proper understanding.
  6. Have you thought about rewarding players with a wyvern token for onslaught wave clear milestones? (example: each player getting a token after clearing wave 10, 20, etc...)
  7. Ya, I was throwing in that edit as you were posting that probably... The takeaway I had from my times is that liferoot is faster (even accounting for increased tower dps on ramparts). Note that I did not do this for xp and instead did it for clear times and likely average drops. As always ymmv
  8. With fast building phases my lowest times were right around 12mins for ramparts before the patch (so much less tower dps then), currently liferoot with a fast build (me and at least 1 other person helping build) my clear time was between 11 and 11.5mins (la at entrances w/ geysers and saving the quab). Just some extra times for though... EDIT - I did not count the results screen duration in my overall time
  9. thanks for pointing this out, lot of people are not aware of this...
  10. Having the same problem, you can work around it by joining friends that are already in a pub/private game session, but even then you can not leave that game to go back to the communal lobby (the search pop up times out and you stay in game until you quit to desktop)
  11. It would be really nice to have a FAQ sticky with things like "will there be a wipe" and "will this be pay to win" etc... these questions seem to pop up a lot and they are very important, but a FAQ would fix things much easier than repeating the layout for the game each week... just a thought
  12. I think they did a great job with everything for the most part, my only problems are token farming/balancing and the fact that the testers are keeping their farm that was restricted to the rest of the community. I should also note that I think the dps inflation on towers may be overtuned (seeing a cannon on someone lacking full dp ds gear doing 2760 base dps is a bit strong in context to the content) and with this I should note my towers are relatively high end so it's coming from someone that will likely breeze content close to right away.
  13. [[57784,users]] I agree w/ you, especially regarding your third idea (which was what I had in mind as a solution as well) The cosmetic items that are largely what Trendy will rely upon for profit should be gated so that they have a a revenue stream. Game impacting items (pets, spheres, etc...) should be hard to obtain, but not harshly controlled by artificial time restrictions.
  14. I agree with Crave's idea of adding a token each time you clear Betsy, because as it stands the things Trendy wants to test won't even be seen for a month or more. Also note that currency gating is done heavily to push people toward paying with real money which isn't in the equation, the gating in DD2 just seems randomly thrown in.
  15. Doing a model like I previously mentioned offers many benefits. It allows for newer players to strive to achieve something as well as learning basics before being overwhelmed by too many options.It puts more activity into the game by having players obtain currency instead of logging in every 2 months to check out the new content and leaving again soon after.Keeps the game going longer by allowing, but not forcing another revenue stream.Offers a gold sink which if done properly may help Trendy maintain a balanced game.The two things that would ruin this approach would be gated currency (ie: through a quest you can only do once a day forcing you to play at least 30 days or something to accumulate said currency) or by making the currency amount so high that casual players can not reasonably obtain the amount (ie: 30m gold).
  16. change it to something like a skin raffle or maybe a title or something... but also remember we do not know what things will cost in the future anyway so maybe gold sinks are not even required Edit: I would also change it from top donors to a raffle that way it is more appealing for everyone to participate as well as give the more casual players a fighting (even if small) chance.
  17. Just make it similar to LoL... either you can unlock them through a significant amount of gold/available ingame currency or skip any farming and pay real money to unlock it
  18. 1. Any chance of an option to spawn a wave all at once (or at least speed up the spawn of a wave)? 2. What are the chances of getting a king of the hill map where mobs spawn from all 360 degrees? 3. I'm Ron Burgundy?
  19. At the current level and clear time of content 3 hours is plenty, with new modes and such coming out it may need be to revisited, but they already basically said that the situation is fluid and nothing is set in stone. to me 5-6 hours AFTER new modes, such as Onslaught, should be adequate. I assume the reason they are shortening the TIP timer is because of lag issues, but this is a bandaid over the real issue and I hope they get it sorted eventually.
  20. some sort of forest at dusk setup and a dark cave type map
  21. I dont know spanish but I do know juan is muy guapo AND donde esta mi pantelones
  22. 1. Any chance of an option to spawn a wave all at once (or at least speed up the spawn of a wave)? 2. What are the chances of getting a king of the hill map where mobs spawn from all 360 degrees? 3. Do you even?
  23. 1. Do you have any plans for a search function for inventory? (example: search your packs for items with dp and ds instead of sifting through etc.) 2. Do you have any plans for improved selling features such as sell all checkmarks to sell all green+blue+purple items and leave legendaries? 3. Is this a third question?
  24. 1. I heard some chatter about infinite wave mode, what is the status on this? 2. It is becoming painful when attempting to join a public game and continuously joining an afk'er in the tavern. Is a different interface for joining public games in the near future? 3. Any chance to be able to skip through upgrading items more smoothly? 4. Any chance for a leader mode where starting the next wave and choosing to replay the map from the results screen is solely on 1 person to prompt? (people have to get up or get distracted often and instead of habitually nagging this may make peoples lives easier) 5. Any chance for some tool-tips on towers in the Defender's Forge? (things such as scaling of dmg per def power and atk spd per def speed) 6. In the future, will items have the possibility to have more than 2 primary (non-armor) stats (e.g., armor, power, speed, and health)? 7. Are you looking at auto selling buildings that people leave behind after they move from the lobby tavern?
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