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  1. ummmm...night mare is meant for hybrids. you lose ur trap count when YOU DONT PLAY YOUR HUNTRESS.
  2. i would look for gear with hero health boost. Priority over attack if you like to be towers. if you find a good enough staff...and up the damage, ur damage output will be appropriate enough for a hybrid set. but im picky when it comes to my gear too....i only get gear with all for tower stats.....hero health and hero attack on it. Plus all 4 resistances, i do not take anything less. I play to be the best so i have my standards set on gear.
  3. Not sure if it's true but the 2 people telling me were friends so it may be a lie... I think yoou need better friends if that's the case.
  4. mana cap is 200 million, it is 2 billion through putting stuff in your shop and having people buy it. thats the only time u can succeed 200 million.
  5. I upgraded my 74 weapon to max and lost all the upgrades on it with this roll back, as well as the fact that I lost 1 level, i was 74 Im back to 73... This is crap. I want my level and my mana back! I paid for the DLC and most of the stuff you guys have put out and now this? It is total garbage that I lose all that I don't even want to play anymore... I was all setup to do Nightmare. I also lost my full set of Mythical Enchanted Pristine Gear (Head, Chest, Gloves, and Boots). I had the set bonus... Its ALL gone, and idk why I was playing the game just fine last night then I log in tod
  6. Looking for some people... anyone really, to run some nightmare mix mode stuff. I hate playing solo. and would like a teamate. 1300 tower app.....hit 2 mil on the dps dummy in tavern. also have a monk for auras. add me : j.bradley1990 please and thank youu.
  7. if your looking for a partner to duo stuff with, add me j.bradley1990
  8. Looking for a group, clan, other player!....who is active and wants to run more "challneging" stuff. playing by myself is boring. add my steam: j.bradley1990
  9. he jus tsaid all ogres psawn in the east.....
  10. idk maybe something along these lines, i came up with this in campaign NM when i did it. might need variations? if you run this let me know what worked and what didnt. id like to know. TY http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=8705
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