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  1. I seem to have the same problem... Do you have to beat Glitterhelm Caverns as well? Yes, you must do Glitterhelm as well.
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987183629 Like that? Mines looks a little different.
  3. How do I take a steam screenshot of my profile page? I'm not really sure where to find the profile page.
  4. I'm always looking for groups. I'm not the greatest player by any means and I hate soloing. But if anyone wants to party please send me message via steam. Name is Crazyheaven. Again, I am always looking for some decent people to hang out with in this game. It is the main reason why I brought it.
  5. I voted mostly skill because my gear is awful and I've been making some decent progress. Just recently picked up some new tricks and that has increased my success a great deal. This also makes me think that gear can greatly replace skill. I wish this games end game gear didn't stack so high. It would be a lot more enjoyable with more of a challenge and lesser gear. The last thing this game needs is a newer higher gear set. I personal vote for another ranked server whose gear doesn't have so many ups and stats on them. Keep the mobs hp lower and have less overall mobs and lets us focus on the core TD that some of us love so much.
  6. I'm a huge supporter of Trendy's practices. As a small company of less than 100 employees, they have managed to frustrate THOUSANDS of players with hours of repetitive content. Not only that, Trendy has convinced those same people to repeatedly purchase additional coding filled with more key frustration techniques. The value of this game is exponential, but not as much as the in-game stat scaling. Name one game where you get the thrill of each patch/paid "DLC" being installed of possibly cancelling out your tactics, in-game currency invested, or even digital gear you've collected. Name one company that will implement faulty bugs and refuse to waste resources to correct it. Name one company that releases an untested software on multiple platforms and charges for it differently and inappropriately. Name one game where the fanboys will proclaim it is completely worth it for the hours of gameplay that requires you to press a 4 and a mouse click repeatedly to complete the 4 hour objective as a genuine "end-game". Name one game where "playing" for hours and disconnecting due to faulty game dependency design on an uncontrollable source and having to literally restart at minute one. Checkmate. Next time you want to complain about being disconnected for a reason that is out of your control and could easily be avoided by proper game design patching by the company, try being more considerate and stop complaining. So NO, sir. NO sarcasm. Quoted for truth.
  7. Did you not enjoy the game? I'm not really understanding the complaint here. So what if it went on sale the next day. I brought the game for 75%. Should I cry about people getting it for 1.99? If you found full price too much to pay then why are you complaining about it? If you didn't find it to be too much then be happy with what you got and try to get your friends to join while the price is low.
  8. This a joke? Just want to confirm that you are openly saying that all TE admins/devs and moderators aren't doing their job? He might not have said it. But I will come out and say it. The forum needs some help in the moderation department. That is just being honest. The game is growing and hopefully the staff will grow to meet it. Edit: I've seen too many technical questions go without an official reply.
  9. I do agree that noobs/new people might not know the difference between hacked items or not, but if a deal seems to good to be true it mostly is. But lets face it, hackers already ruined the market, first day of hardcore release people were selling 220+ stuff for 100M, content that shouldn't and couldn't be cleared yet, not that fast at least. Giving all the stories I've heard and read about here really puts no limits to what is to good to be true. The game is a virtual world with a virtual economy. Great things are gained easily all the time here. So again, without more knowledge it would be hard to tell what is hacked. There is no way around it. If Trendy doesn't buff up their security then the hacking isn't going to stop. The bans and outlaws of weapons are really going to only damage the legit players who happen to spend their hard earn mana on them. Hackers rarely care about actually playing the game so much of just having fun exploiting it. Once banned they'll probably just fine another game to play.
  10. I usually just ask people to leave, but that's only when I'm trying to solo something and they join using the friendlist (because I actually know what "private" games are for - I'm totally not laughing at those people creating "join = kick" public games, not at all. I never would. No, really! Totally! Why would I? Seriously!). I was asked today to leave too (because the host's friend was coming over), which I found... surprising, as most people would just kick. Respect for that guy (sadly forgot his nick), I wish the community had more people like him. Really, it takes a few more taps on the keyboard and at least you won't make people hate you... That could be just as awful. We had a lower level playing a survival map with us. He was only about 8 levels lower. The host kept giving him all the repair jobs and screaming at him using keeps if anything was dying. He put up with this so he could get his pet at wave 15. Well... wave 13 the host friend is coming so he tells the lower level that he is sorry but he has to kick him and does. It didn't happen to me and the result of such actions still made me sick to my stomach. It is the last community map that I've been on. I love to party and I brought this game for that purpose. But people like him and the lack of testing is, in a way, ruining the game for me.
  11. I would never be able to tell rather or not I was buying hacked gear or just really good gear at a cheap price. I wouldn't be happy if the mods took my purchased gear away because they find out it was hacked. They didn't really give us a system to check to see rather or not the gear was hacked before purchase so how would I or anyone who doesn't do full endgame have a idea that the items we are buying are hacked? I see all kinds of forum post of gear with up's in the 300's. I'd bet you anything that there is a lot of hacked gear with ups in the 250's. What is a oblivious hacked to some veteran players isn't so oblivious to more casual players. I read on forums about people being generous and giving away gear for free or cheap. What is to stop them from giving me hacked gear and I waste all my mana upgrading it only to be reported by a more veteran player that notices my gear is hacked so he screen shots me. Now my player has been banned and I lost my upgrade cost. Why, and who's fault is it? I would say it is 100% Trendy's fault because they haven't given me any resources of dealing with this problem. So I'm left with attempting to report gear that I think is OP just because I haven't done the maps on the correct level of hardness that actually drop it so I could actually see that the gear I thought was OP and hacked was actually legit... or at least could be legit. Normal range gear is probably hacked more often because it is much harder to catch them with it.
  12. I see a thread against breaking the rules. I didn't happen to see any sticky that actually listed those rules. Is a G15 keyboard breaking the rules? Assuming it is only used for auto attack? I would make it less than perfect if it means not having to break my finger on my mouse.
  13. I'll give my 2 cent. The DLC cost way too much for what it gives. They are also being released at to fast of a pace. Looks like 12 dollars would get you nightmare mode and 4 new maps. You could argue 8 if pvp actually worked. 12 dollars for mere fraction of the games content? I'll pass. Nightmare mode could have been it's own DLC for like a 2 dollars so we could buy that and skip on the little bit of map content. Currently they force you to buy the entire pack in order to use it.
  14. let's forget that... Why they not simple Cap upgrades cust at a point ?? 1000000 seems reasonable for me... they just have to cap it to early lvl upgrades like 20... this mean a 200^ weapon will cost something about 220000000 to upgrade... It would be much more fair... To further this point lowering the upgrade cost makes things easier for everyone. It would lower the final price of highly valued gear and this would allow more casual players to get their hands on much better gear for cheaper. Overall it would mean the game would become less of a grind for everyone. 3 billion spent on upgrading means they had to seriously up the cost of their shop in order to pay for this because you can't get billions from farming. I wonder who pays for those items in the shop. I would think that anyone having that much money to get full sets in that way also have the potential to do the same runs to get around the same gear. It gives more merit to the mana exploits. I doubt I would be willing to buy anything for 1B if I could do the same run and have a chance to get something equal with every one.
  15. I hope that someone really gets on the ball today and works their butt off to get these restores finalized. This has gone on way longer than enough. Seems like ever since Sony was hacked and had their servers down for about a month, a lot of other game companies have followed suit with poor poor response time and customer service. I can tell you in my 20+ years of hardcore gaming I have never gone more than three days without some sort of status update from the company, even if it was just automated messages to let you know, we are still here working on the problem, we care and sorry for you inconvenience. Sadly I did exactly what was told to us in the forums that night immediately after the patch and the shop items where deleted. I sent them an email INCLUDING MY STEAM ACCOUNT NAME and I get a copy and paste response of yes can you now send us a link to said Account name? Seriously? WTF!? You didn't play enough games. The major games do give you lots of feedback. This is a small game that has been given way too much money and they don't know what to do with it. I think it got much larger than they expected it and they don't have the personal to handle such a work load. This is why nothing is being tested and replies are short and could be about anything that doesn't include actually making a point. I've almost given up on them altogether when I saw the cost of their DLC. I decided to hang around for few more weeks without buying it so see what they would do with all the money we are given them. And this is what we get? Waited for 5 plus days after most of us have brought a DLC that cost 75% of the game and offers much much less than 75% of the content? Not to mention it only really brought things for the high end grinders? Broken patch after broken patch before and after they got the next big payment from the DLC? I would like to see the money get put to good use and hire some decent personal. This game has lots of potential to grow if they take care of it. Currently they are killing it. The fanboys do everything in their power to defend them. I really think they are looking at things through rose covered glasses and they could either get on board and help us or watch their beloved game slowly sink as even fanboys start to turn the other direction when Trendy makes too many mistakes. It has to be confusing to developers when they look through the forum and see fanboys screaming things like "It's your problem, L2P please!". The small elite posting youtube videos about how easy the game is. All the while the majority of us are struggling and quitting. I still have yet to buy the DLC. I don't plan to if things aren't changed. I will vote my money and would hope that others who are unhappy will do the same.
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