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  1. Hi All, Not sure if this is viable suggestion, so please forgive me. Just a suggestion Ive noticed the meta seems to be combined with the use of the EV:A walls I understand that they are straight to probably give players more options? However, the use of this tower in an an alternative style to the straight wall A circle style or semicircle style too as an option. You place the tower and increase or decrease the radius of said tower. Because lets not lie, we are all using this tower to encircle our towers :P
  2. well lucky for some :P, i have yet to do a challenge xD , but ill help where i can
  3. well thats lucky for some :P i have yet to do a single challenge haha but ill try and help where i can
  4. Well ill duo with you if you invite me and you can check my stats ?
  5. add my steam ill invite you in, in sig
  6. well i need to do chicken achievements, could group up if you want ?
  7. Ok i added you, your welcome to anytime
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