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  1. Thank you for your answer, i hope i get an official reply on this
  2. Are the Survivor Outfit and the Minipet after the wipe exclusive or they will be available in game after a while? I didnt saw the announcement and i missed my chance to get them. Since i hate missing on special items this realy hurt my desire to play the game. I thought preorder stuff were enought but now adding even more exclusive bea rewards it kinda of a turndown especialy for people that will wont to join the game later. Also i would like to ask if this will be the last wipe or its going to happen again. Thank you.
  3. I LOVE YOU GUYS EDIT: This is an appreciation thread. No rant/rage/QQ allowed here. Going to sleep, please mod's make this thread a clean one :) O_o what has be seen cannot be unseen....
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