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  1. I havn't played in a while but what the heck i'll try to win this prize. :)
  2. I quit the game when the last DLC/Patch came out but i will start my game back when Last DLC W/ Patch arrival then the patch after that to fix the last DLC.
  3. I'm not sure if I'd buy DD2 for console.... I like it enough but I honestly don't feel like paying up for a broken, less-than-half-content version. And I can't really afford a gaming computer so I'm screwed ._. This, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
  4. why does console need 315 million to be 83 and pc only need 150 million this should be change it takes hours of grinding to get a 83 character on console were as pc are able to get more xp as they have nightmare this should be changed as if the level cap is increaseing for console next patch its going to be a nigthmare to level Yeah one reason why my brothers and I stop playing this game a month ago, now just waiting to see to if the next patch will bring us back. Very doubtful given TE history with consoles.
  5. I never use PS with my huntress, I just up grade my element damage instead LOL JK but I wonder how strong something like that would be?
  6. Buy PS plus this month, 12 free games that are really good if you are really bored. But i always check these forums too, for events even though my group has missed a few ones, due to new games LOL These event make me keep coming to see to great Community!!
  7. i think the game is fine the way it is (expect for the main problems, freezing, exp, upgrading) start the game all over again with no help, and then tell me how easy it is, the first boss would always mess up my team LOL the second map was really hard to beat on median. If this game is way to easy, then Congrats! you have truly beaten this game. Now just like the old NES restart the game and aim for a higher score :)
  8. don't get yalls hopes up to high remember the first time they said they fixed the freezing issues Console patch notes - Giraffes are now awarded at Wave 25 and survival stability is also correspondingly improved
  9. i have done MM PS on insane a few times, here are my results 2 LVL74 with 63ups and 61 ups, good hero atk stats only 6 LVL70 with 30-39 ups, mixed stats 2 LVL78 with 90 ups each, one had -1 TA with very good stats, the other one has 24-26 in each stat http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=29283 i have more giraffes in my other account but i dont know the stats on them 1 LVL83 mixed stats with few ups like 60 i think 2 LVl78 with ?? stats lots of LVL70 from hard runs though
  10. this is the build i use for hard, i was doing it with average stats before the patch. http://ddplanner.com/?l=6972,mm-hard-giraffe U are doing it wrong, here is my safe setup for hard with 4 players afk http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=29283 If you have a really "Powerful" tower monk than you can use it for insane
  11. Hey Capt, You get Kari the brave as soon as you complete wave 19 And if you can add the names on the weapons thanks capt
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