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  1. All your damage done by your hero to that type of enemy.
  2. I think the fissure nerf is dumb. It's completely uncalled for --- unless Trendy is trying to make the Initiate have some competition
  3. As long as they are not joined by Cyborks on the same lane >.< And controlled burn and headstrong. Oooo that would be neat.
  4. yeah quite a few need to be looked at but the boost aura is the weakest defence for the amount of du it cost in the whole game Nah. There is a defense that is so bad that many completely forget it even exists in the game: buff beam. Then you got harpies and things like Arcane Barrier that are straight up useless or outclassed. There are viable builds for boost auras currently. This isn't the case for some other defenses.
  5. You are mistaken, the reflect hits everything and anything. And Bastille Master sometimes casts while stunned so your MO is to murder murder as fast as possible.
  6. This inspired me to make my own (amazing) art about a topic dear to me.
  7. I never even made it to the part where you farm mods. I couldn't pass chaos 4 You are kidding...right? he he Alas, no. You fellas are complaining about a worse thing but I never got past shard farming. It's quite similar because from what I hear an optimal way to farm for certain mods like Tenacity is to spam lower difficulties. I swear Trendy has a morbid fascination with forcing players into being in lower difficulties as long as possible. Maybe they have a secret deal with Netflix or Youtube. That would make a lot of sense.
  8. I never even made it to the part where you farm mods. I couldn't pass chaos 4
  9. Mark gave us some info a bit back. Chaos 1 will only give a chance at a map type specific material, like an ingot. Chaos 2 will always give one. Chaos 3 will give one plus a chance at a second. Chaos 4 starts the cycle again by having a chance to get one. Chaos 5 gives a guaranteed one. Chaos 6 gives one and a chance at a second. So basically if you are trying to grind shiny ingots, farm chaos 6.
  10. Feels nice to see somebody else say it. Although regardless of how antithetical it is to the core of dd2, I would agree with Tolkmit when he says AP is here to stay. Removing it straight out would overjoy me (let those proud of their cheese cry) but the best thing that can happen is an overhaul. I'll cross my fingers but I ain't losing sleep.
  11. This wonky behavior is hard to replicate, but I know exactly what you are talking about. It tends to happen on big maps and is likely a memory issue or something that happens when just too many things are going on and the game cannot handle it. When this happens all towers suffer a massive re-targeting delay, but auras and things that do not target are completely unaffected.
  12. It's a lot of resets if you want to have a minimum floor equivalent or past the c7 level. I'd imagine it is somewhere in the 20s. Sorry for an assumption but I don't know exactly what reset will put you at c7. Keep in mind that regardless of how many resets you do, your gear will always reset to the campaign level.
  13. No mention of the shard grind? While your post is a bit harsh, I agree that the grind the devs want players to do is unreasonable --- especially when almost all of the grind is faceroll content. That's the main issue I feel. Not so much that there is a big grind but that during the grind you are almost always tuned out and watching netflix or something. You are encouraged to play the most boring way possible because otherwise you are wasting a metric asston of gold/medals/materials. As for mods, the current rarity would likely be fine if we had a bigger fan base. And even though mods are gene
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