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  1. I believe there are serious economic balancing issues. Trendy seems to be twisting their economy to the elite few that have billions of mana and post on this forum. When I buy a pet from the tavern Keeper for 75million, should I want to immediately sell it back I figure I should be able to sell it back for 20-50%, but no, The price of resale is 65,000. That's right; Less than .01% return on "value". I'm not saying this is what I care to do, but simply that the sale value with the tavern keeper is gross. Maybe I'm just not savvy enough to know how to make the kind of dough that these fe
  2. It was there in all 7.13 patches. Is it a bug?
  3. In nightmare mode, on any level, My 339 tower health, 485 tower attack Traptress, places traps as if she wasn't wearing any equipment! The trap has a quantity of 20 (down from 65), Damages 15k (down from 22k). She builds normally in insane! This didn't happen in 7.13.b. Is this a bug??
  4. HI John, What about my offer for the genie?
  5. I'll give you 3m for Hugo, the genie. SteamID: Loaki9
  6. Spot has been filled. Thank you. :)
  7. Hi, This Account (Wrath Sales | Fanhg | 70) had a shop open. When you entered the shop the owner made the announcement seen in the SS of USD sales only! I took the SS and asked him if he knew USD sales could get him banned, and he replied "You know what i dont give a ****". (without the censor) Then he kicked me from the game. Thanks, Loaki9
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