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  1. Trying to do a public service here. Not everyone has 20 million to spend on a single glitterhelm run. Best way to have fun in this game: 1) Paypal 2bn 2) Pay for AFK GLitterhelm runs 3) Paypal max stat gear 4) You have won the game. Uninstall. Public service my ***, no wonder theres 74s running around that have no clue what they're doing and why the Paypal shops are so popular with the instant gratification philosophy you promote.
  2. I've not tried the PvP because I just automatically assumed hacked gear > all. Is there a system in place to counter this (ie standardised gear/stats)?
  3. Also, do one of two things: Post/give the formula in its entirety to someone who can create a general "accepted range" list of items that CAN drop, or do it yourselves. Give the community the knowledge of what can be legit and what can't. It will then do one of two things: Make reporting cheaters sooo much easier and faster as we'll know what isn't legit, and it will make cheaters make more convincing cheated items that don't ruin the game nearly as much. Err no, this just makes the situation worse. Those who have no requirement for maintaining a facade of integrity will go crazy just as t
  4. 4. People will cheat the system regardless of how much you complain welcome to life kid! 5. Whining won’t get you anywhere pick up your diaper and quit being such a baby. I feel sorry for this new generation of meek felines that eat whatever crap gets thrown their way.
  5. You can buy some goods from here, you should see a marked improvement in all aspects of your life.
  6. how do you calculate the ending attack? o.o Base *1.148 (or 1.149, not sure if someone has worked out the exact number yet, this flat pecentage is still rough), until 80 increase reached at which point +80 to all. This applies to most huntress weapons only, other classes/weapons have different multipliers.
  7. Some dude dropped a 32k base 160/160 Blaster in my Tavern. It was pretty obvious to me it was hacked (ie it would need a 20k base at 1/160) but other people I was running insane challenges (level 70-73, so still pretty newish) thought it could be possible, which got me thinking. These guys would be using these weapons innocently, the problem just gets worse with legitimate looking hacked top end gear. If a hacker uses an alt account to give himself a 254^ weapon with 300ish stats and a few negs in tower, he knows to hide that trade by dropping some similarish loot in other taverns, hell h
  8. Auction closed. #1 Squire Guardian 66 Boost 76^ #2 Huntress Guardian 59 Boost 66^ 100m minimum, no reserve, auction ends 12 hours after last bid. Please leave your Steam IDs to speed things up.
  9. You can be honest and sell it then grind for 2 months for a weapon that won't even come close to that or you can keep it, own the maps get money sell items, meet end game content and enjoy what dd has to offer. On the other hand you can sell it and continue living your everyday grindfest that trendy forces you to do for petty items. youre a smart guy, im sure you will know what to do... Time over money my friend. Ideal progress in DD: Step 1: Hack a char with 1 billion DPS 99% resists and 10,000 all stats. Step 2: Complete Misty Forest NM Survial HC MM. Step 3: You have won the
  10. It often means the pet/item is too awesome that the price went over the limit :D I had a 10 mana HUntress Animus, 500 damage, 50^, and no stat higher than 50, dunno why the game thought that pet was awesome.
  11. The whole game is rebalanced on nightmare, some things get buffed others get nerfed. Auras and traps are generally nerfed in comparison to non-NM modes, app towers are generally buffed, I assume Squire is buffed too but dont have a 74 to test.
  12. Sorry, but that seems like a rather arrogant comment... How could you possibly know? My build have been something like this: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=9723 At the front, kobolds (and orcs even but you would notice that) can easily jump down into the central (forge) location when jostling for position at the barrier. I added two barriers that show you where the problem lies. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=10021
  13. read the first post of this topic. read it again- specifically the part where I said " Maybe there could be some sort of "purist" game mode that doesn't allow switching of characters but has better loot." thanks ...and one more thing; If this were a request I would have put it into the appropriate request/suggestion forum. I decided to have a discussion so I posted it on the general discussion forum. What your doing is forcing stealth grouping. The number one reason I only play with a few friends is not having my gameplay being molested by hacks. In an ideal hack free world your s
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