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  1. I left my tavern unlocked and loss all my items. I have 15b to spend and I'm willing to pay 1 - 5b per item. IF you have something, please leave your steamID and price or we can chat about it over steam. I'm looking for 200+ Disc Gun 190+ Squire Demon Sword 200+ Bone gun. DPS Armor (80^ 100+ Atk) DPS/Resist Armor Tower Plate Chest Apprentice Tower staff 180^ (70 each stat) Monk Tower Weapon Squire Tower Weapon All Tower Leather Mythical Laser Bot Monk Range Weapon High Boost App Guardian SteamID: Geronimo89. Not looking for amazing armor pieces and I'd like to see any weapo
  2. Oh do you have a lot of stuff to upgrade lightmare? In that case, 2.5b for leather gloves and 500m for pristine gloves
  3. actually I'll bid 2b on just the leather gloves steamid: Geronimo89
  4. 1.9b for the first two items: leather gloves and pristine gloves SteamID: Geronimo89
  5. Is the disc gun for sale for mana or just trade? I'd like to bid 2b pure mana. For trades, I have a 190^ katana, but my highest upgrade demon swords are 140 and 143.
  6. I noticed the upcoming b patch notes don't talk about the 60% to 40% resist nerf. Was that on purpose? I'd like to know, so I don't upgrade resist for such minor benefits.
  7. I'm looking to trade armor and up to 4b mana for certain items that I need. Sorry if you can't tell what particular armor piece it is. Our group just dropped the items on the tavern floor. (just ask and I'll look) I need the following items: App Guard 80+ Boost Nightmare Giraffe or tower pets 100up with ~100 in each tower stat. Tower Mail Gloves/Helm with 200 tower attack, 100 tower health Chain Boots with 200 tower attack, 100 tower health Monk tower Wep 250 attack, 70+ other stats App tower Wep 250 attack, 70+ other stats 150^+ Katana with 100%+ Block 150^ Disk Gun 150^+ Bone Gun
  8. Eh, I won the auction, I can do whatever I want to it, thanks for the screenie :> Exactly. Anyways, i bid 1b , but won't be free for 8ish hours. Will check back here later.
  9. 225 is near impossible but 138 seems too easy. It would only be 138 for one kind of resistance though.
  10. I've tested all armor, it still gives bonus but only for mail. All other armors don't give the "OVERALL" set bonus. OoO add this in the patch bug compilation
  11. i think we should all go to sleep no matter what time it is where you are and wake up to patch 7.14a then everything will be better....right? Thats my plan! To recap though for any mods skipping this topic. 1. Resist back at 40% ramp 2. Orges still at 8m hp 3. Hero health reduced 4. Hero damaged reduced 5. Traps do no damage
  12. Traps do 0 damage in nightmare. I made a strat to farm UMF with traps without dying, but looks like I won't be able to do it tonight.
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