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  1. He meant using balista I guess, and I agree with him. It's the cheesiest way to get some good stuff and whenever you can do it NM4 switch to NM4 to start having items for all your characters (even if it's green it gives you a massive boost in power anyway). so just squire with walls+ballista, ev buff tower?
  2. I currently have an Abyss Lord, Gunwitch, and Squire all around 320 ipower. I have everyone but Lavamancer unlocked. Any deck suggestions for faster gearing?
  3. Invisible Children is a sham of a charity. Kony is the new SOPA/ACTA for young people.
  4. You want a Great Sword or a Demon Sword as far as weapons go, large sized, no negative hero stats and not under 100% block. Despite what people think, Katanas nor Ice Blades are the go to melee weapon. Gear type is irrelevant so long as it is all the same type and not mixed i.e. all plate/all leather, not a mix and match. Aim for Mythical Enchanted so you're guaranteed to cover all 4 resists. Survivability is more important than DPS in Nightmare to a degree, so you'll want your resistances at least 80/60/60/60 in a NM game, but I prefer 90% physical res personally. As far as gear stats go, aga
  5. The only thing we can hope for is server side data storage on DD2, if it ever exists. There's a million and one security flaws with this game.
  6. Uh I would ez pay way over 2b for that, even if 1/0 and neg run speed, those are godly amounts of hero hp, attack, skills, and mana gain. Finding a legit, upgradable genie to those stats would be nigh impossible. That pet is kinda priceless bro. Real talk.
  7. Gear needs to be standardized in general a la Diablo 2. Known stat caps so we know what is perfect and what isn't. It would make spotting hacked gear far easier, despite what some people may think.
  8. 90% phys resn NM, 120 hero hp, 120 hero attack, 91 CtA are the minimum base stats. All points after wards go towards getting other res to 60% in NM, then maxing hero attack, then hero hp, then CtA (doubted you'll get that kind of quality gear). For a weapon you want a large model Demon or Great Sword, the dps difference isn't very significant. Anything less than 100% block is bad along with negatives to your hero stats and skills. 3k+ base damage is the way to go and you'll break 30k damage with an endgame weapon.
  9. Let's see a SS of this legit ret with 10 sps nb4 it isn't
  10. Ret maxed at 7 SPS, gj at admitting to memory editing.
  11. How to fix the game: Release Dungeon Defenders 2 with all data stored server side. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of memory editing can easily edit anything they want in the game. With the way the current data is handled the game cannot be fixed. The game can be balanced, yes, but as far as the economy and legitimacy of gear sold in player shops that simply cannot be fixed. Wiping the servers will just make the problem worse.
  12. You did 1.8m dps in 7.15 and were perfectly viable, what's the problem?
  13. With how easy this game is to exploit a wipe would accomplish nothing. All you do is collect 4 armor pieces of the same type, regardless of stats and quality, and you can churn out gear comparable to wave 25+ from Misty in a matter of seconds. Same for weapons. You can get a 1/1 small Katana and make it a 1/254 with long reach in literally 10 seconds.
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