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  1. Here is what I found when testing things out: I played Survival on the map, The Deeper Well on Massacre/Rifted until I reached wave 170 and had an idea! What if I started over on wave 99 and put the bonus difficulty on?! I knew I would probably get smashed but I tried anyway. So I started the map over on wave 99 with Massacre/Rifted/Lycan King Difficulty and managed to get to wave 106 before they were just too much! The amount of Godly items dropped were very common, to the point where I was able to be picky. It dropped Godly items of all kinds from accessories to rifted armor
  2. It has been fixed for me! I made it to level 100 on survival with no problems! I haven’t done mix mode yet but I’m confident you fixed it! *Squire war cry*
  3. Removing the Plasma Defense System did not work for me (Xbox Series X). I changed my typical strategy thinking it was other towers and took out the overclock, harpoon and siren. But consistently it failed at wave 20 and did not spawn 39 enemies every single time. This was on survival. Mix mode failed as well just with different numbers. I am eagerly waiting the update to fix this issue. 😇
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