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  1. I dont think it is still working ... I do get extra damage, but drenching is still not working ... I put ele auras no electrocute happening.
  2. DD1 has in my opinion the perfect system, which hooked me to the game in the first place. It is beyond me to understand why they dropped it to support what we got now.
  3. Yea, I think it should not be reported as bug, since it looks like dev's design decision. I think the best solution is: to show up just one chest, not four; and then move it so it is not in the spot where towers are - usually it is enough just to move little.
  4. What I mean is this: when the chests appear at the end of the map they remove towers that are close to them.
  5. A tiny thing but rather annoying - sometimes the chests at the end of the map remove my towers and defences. When I play I often check the damage dealt by towers to estimate how can I improve my defences. I do not like it much ....
  6. As the title says :) Entering in and out of the sell mode is quite annoying after a while.
  7. Right now on the inventory/hero screen under the buttons INVENTORY - CHARACTER - HERO DECK there is some free space. I would love to have filter buttons there with the pictures of all possible item stats, like "defence power" icon (tower with the sword) or "ability power" icon (arrow with the scroll). When I click on the icon I would love to see only items that actually have "defence power" on it, and the rest of the items should be dimmed. If I further click on "defence speed" I would like to see items with 2 of those stats on it. Right now, checking out the items in those bags is so tiresom
  8. Hummmmm? Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk i have to admit that it took me a while to get the point, but then i almost died laughing :)))
  9. Very nice strat! Much better than my previous spot camping at spawn point, which was a huge hassle having to lure Ogres. Managed solo & duo first time around using your setup (with a few tweaks). As for Misty MM, it's easy to get setup but we had to start kiting Ogres as early as Wave 10 when their numbers start to increase drastically. If you need an extra pair of hands add me. :) Ok, thanks, i will add you to my friends list :) I am also interested with any tweak made - i tried so many different setups that it became, kind of, my passion :) I play Misty solo, and kiting is hard i
  10. I only make it to wave 11 on Misty survival, then the numerous ogres roflstomp me. I really don't have a set build yet though so I'm still playing around. I used the extra DU from not using gas traps to just put up more app towers. Same here, 11 wave, no more ... Though i did only 2 runs. I would love to have something to work with, there are simply now too many combination of traps/heroes/pets to figure it out quickly. Especially on a map like misty where first waves is total breeze and then boom. Again, too much time spent on first 5-6 wave to allow experimentation. On early maps anythin
  11. The problem I see is now if a new map comes out, everyone who has followed his strategy on this map will be condemned to wait for him to release his strategy on the new map. If people can't even think for themselves to do maneuvers such as building temporary magic blockades, time management in how many and what chests to grab on wave 1 and the build order, are they even "playing" this strategy game? Thats a valid point, but .. I just discovered that there are different locations where you can put your defense. One of them is close to where slop goes down to a chest, slop under which you ca
  12. I am not sure what's role of this trap is either, since in the mass that follows you see nothing and there are no statistics ... I just hoped it stopped at least some ogres for a sec or so. what did u use points for then? Regarding NM - same experience - how far did you make it?
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