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  1. Ok i am going to provide an example since it seems like people don't understanding the purpose of tokens at all. So imagine your in a world where their are no banks. It is also Illegal to have more than $200 at one time. This situation portrays the world of Dungeon Defenders fairly closely. So in this imaginary world if you go to work for 8 hours where you would normally get 8$ an hour for a total days wage of 64$, but oh no you had 190$ in your wallet so you worked all day, and you are only paid 10$ to bring you up to the $200 cap. A lexus is not going to just cost $200 because that is
  2. getting to retreieveing hero list, and then nothing happening is worse than error 37.
  3. Your point 2 is incorrect. Those of us that support the All of the same class for survival, so it because it increases the Armor/Weapon ratio. This can be proven quite easily. If you run 1 of each class you will have the floor literally covered in weapons, with almost no armor. If you run 4 of the same class you reach a ratio where their is still less armor than weapons, but it is not so one sided. So the idea is the more armor that you actually get to drop, the better chance some random item you want will actually occur. + more armor drops is more shop fodder, since armor is easier to sel
  4. And it does like 1/2 the dps of clicking ?
  5. Depth Charge + nautilus flamethrower. I do not support staffs, because of the amount of clicking required i don't need carpal tunnel. Note depth charge is an 8 shot per second elemental grenade launcher. Its projectiles bounce and splash.
  6. EV is even worse to kill your drops since she triggers both app and huntress weapons. SO if you have 3 active monks and 1 ev. It is just as bad as 2 monks 1 app 1 huntress for killing your armor drops.
  7. This is a feature of mixmode. Not sure why it works like it does, but if you start popping characters in and out, the mob count for wave 20 is set not by how many chars u have before the wave starts but rather how many chars were connected during the wave 19 combat phase. Same applies for misty and i assume moaraggo.
  8. Honestly if you did not make this thread, yes summoner would have no weapon drops and solely armor. Now who knows what they will do. best bet would be letting this thread get bumped off the front page fast.
  9. Nah zoo, i got 5 worthless supremes in a run yesterday. It is just random. Honestly aquanos is about as easy as misty was pre sharken. If it wasn't running 3 chars i could just go afk and toggle tower boost for repairs. When i position the Gas in the north. My north west is buffbeamed so just the edge touches. For north East i position it so that the edge of the green affect is so that it is just around the right hand cornor. I never worry about where str drain starts and ends. Gamblor i have had problems with that wall, but it occurs when my wall is either to far down the steps, and or
  10. You seem to be at the point where you need to buy better gear via shops to really tackle the next tier. You need to improve your support char aura monk stats, your traps, and your app towers. I would say just to farm mana and try to find good shops that sell stuff that is actually good. You may be able to pull some upgrades from OMF, but it wont be very often or anywhere near ideal. Also you need an active dps monk with a seahorse. Running your aura monk is ok if its as a afk character but you really do need some way to actually kill ogres.
  11. Start by running insane alt pack 1 and getting retributions. Any retirubtion you get with 115^ or so can become a 200m token.
  12. You typically will have less negative stats on a pet from insane, which can go to boost its overall quality level. Insane pets are more reliably less negative, they dont compare with a good nightmare hardcore pet because you wont see +300 stats very often at all. If you just want a mediocore good enough pet then yes do insane or do pure strategy nightmare.
  13. I like the newest build. I have been starting on 25-30 and added in both my afk characters on 26 when loot starts dropping. 1 Thing i have decided is that if you run with an afk monk North standing on the ledge by statue you don't actually need the 1 reflect for non mix. I mainly don't bother with mixmode because of the added effort required. I can't do it with 2 characters completly afk (and 1 not contributing anything) so i don't bother. I do disagree with you cremate on the added 5Du being necessary. This map really only has 3 chokes, all of the maps with more DU have a 4th choke poin
  14. If your game is private, don't hide it, and your friends wont get banned messages. Also note if you kick someone, they stay kicked until you remake the game. which would also say banned. So don't kick your friends for laughs.
  15. List of problems Banned = game is hidden Long loading screen, and your friend never joins means that you need to remake the game Failed to join is typically because you are on a map that your friend doesn't own, and cant acess without owning.
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