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  1. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27203-Selling-hacked-items-selling-for-USD-is-a-bannable-offense-Update-12-30-11 This item is not hacked. It is almost definitely a chest drop from Mistymire or so. I have a very similar one with +116 in every stat and 244^ upgrades, and a -104 reload from a chest in Mistymire while doing survival.
  2. Just a name alone is not enough to help identify someone. It's too easy to change names. A profile link or Steam ID would be a much better identifier.
  3. [[813,hashtags]] 750m Offer (Lol why did you delete me off friend list, I was trying to buy the fairy off of you) Got tired of the ghey humor or internet coming onto fast, whatever you want to call them. Is #7 Mythical? Yes
  4. This is a auction type format with starting bids posted by each item. Auction ends at 10pm EST. Once ended I will collect mana. When I finish all my upgrading I have to do and max my mana no further items will be sold. Please notice, pets with yellow name tag description are mythical. Posts on forums will have bid priority over private messages and people who try to add me. Will accept buy out offers though. There is a reserve on the fairies I am looking for and reserve the right to reject to sell them. All the rest are fair game.
  5. Fairy is gone. Also accepting mana offers for now as well. Got stuff to upgrade for once.
  6. I am TRADING the following items: This is not an auction. I am looking for the following: Disc Thrower 250^+ Monk Melee & Ranged Weapons 250^+ Squire DPS Hammer 240^+ App, Squire, Hunter Tower Weapons 250^+ (100+ in all 4 tower stats) Leather & Mail Tower Armor Leather & Pristine DPS Armor Pristine Tower HP Helmet or Boots, can max out Tower HP Tower Pets
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