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  1. better if you can splitscreen
  2. one question, how do you loot when you have mobs surrounding you
  3. I never knew that ogres will not attack your defenses unless it does damage
  4. I've seen guardians with 50 upgrades and I'm curious how did they get one. :confused: I know that playing summit on hard will give you a guardian of your class, but they are mostly crap and won't exceed 25-30 upgrades. So, is the only alternative is to buy from the tavernkeeper? Also, what is the optimum stat for the guardian boost?
  5. was playing on survival when I got dc'ed :demon: oh well, thanks for the quick replies.
  6. I have 2 lvl 74s, grinding on insane glitter. Getting your characters from 70 to 74 was awful. Getting good gears for nightmare is even more awful -.- I do get the fact that they wanted to raise the exp requirement, the harder the challenge, the better the game. But running glitter over and over again bores the players, and its not a challenge of the game, but a challenge of endurance lol. Once you've reached the 74 mark, your motivation turns to mythical items, and just when you think everything is done.... ARGH
  7. I bought the base game full price $44 for me and my other 3 friends. Few days later the base game was discounted 50%. Well, I'm pissed but oh well, bought the game already so can't do anything. The game is good for an indie anyway, I bothered using steam just to play this game
  8. Very Interesting! I'm sure it'll help me. I was wondering how did you get the data, did you go around the game's source code?
  9. I got the same thing on the Christmas patch, well I did not notice it until I finished opening up those Christmas boxes. So I thought it must be a present from trendy lol.
  10. So, I've been playing solo for almost everytime because playing on Ranked gives me tons of delays, even when playing with friends under the same area. So me and my friends got fed up on playing ranked that we occasionally went to gamespy just to play. On ranked, we can pay two players with less severe lag, which is acceptable. Add another player and the game is unplayable. If the connection this game uses is P2P, then why am I receiving lags only on ranked? Is it because of steam? I do live in a country where internet is expensive and unstable. But if I can play on gamespy, why can't I do it on ranked? Any tips on improving latency?
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