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  1. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where rollers could sometimes float above the ground when moving Fixed Blood effigy counting as a tower for mastery challenges Fixed an issue with pawn-based towers targeting and target switching (also fixes the issue of them changing targets when stepped on) Fixed Tornado Highlands not dropping the correct amount of Talismans Fixed an issue where wing flairs weren’t correctly oriented on the hunter Fixed Normal Chip Description Fixed an issue with new players not getting th
  2. Adventurers of Dragonfall, Lately, our studio has been working on improving our transparency with the community by opening up more about the development process and today, we want to stay true to our word. Let's start with the positive aspects. We're thrilled to announce that we're making significant progress with the Knights of Dragonfall update. Our art production is ahead of schedule, and we've successfully implemented most core features for this update. For the first time in a while, we plan to share trailers and patch notes with you before the update's release, bringing us clo
  3. Survival Hotfix 3 Survival Godly Drop Chance Adjustments The Gates of Dragonfall 50% Decrease from the original value Bug fixes • Reduced Devolve price • Nerfed gates by 50% of the original value, not current • Changed Survival Ring Passive names • Added clamping to shop price and quantity for listings • Parties don't lower the survival wave now • Fixed an issue with checkpoint 100 clamping • Potentially fixed a trading exploit • Players' shops now dynamically update their player list • Shops now switch to a new s
  4. Hi Defenders, We are going to be disabling player shops temporarily as we handle an ongoing duping exploit within the new update. If you have any information on how to reproduce this dupe please send me a discord message. My handle is "papapaimon". A successful reproduction method will be rewarded with 2000 gems. Additionally, many players have recently been suspended due to either duplicating, or buying large amounts of duplicated materials. If you BOUGHT duplicated materials and have been banned, you can contact me to get unbanned if you are okay with your account being restored to
  5. Survival Hot Fix 2 Survival Hot Fix 2 Survival Changes Skip to wave now grants bounce mana past wave 70. The Formula is BaseBuildMana + (DU/150)*(WaveNumber-70) so for example Gates of Dragon fall on wave 131 Would be 800+(600/150)*(|131-70|) = 1044 mana. The multiplier, WaveNumber-70, is set to 0 if it goes negative. Added 20 Defender metals every checkpoint or 5 waves. Added Survival Shards to Exquisite Bags. Survival Godly Drop Chance Adjustments Little-Horn Valley 20% In
  6. Bug Fixes: - Fixed an issue where survival shard dust was tradeable- Fixed an issue where you could spend medals on an invalid devolve-Made gear, gold, and mana sell/de-spawn after each wave. The gold and mana change is only for survival- Fixed wave 125 flair reward-Fixed survival challenges being awarded 1 wave late- Fixed an issue where the survival wave selector wasn't updating going from the world map to the advanced view- Fixed an issue where the defender pack reward was showing a brainless pack- Potentially fixed an issue where the checkpoint selector wouldn't update properly-Fixed ma
  7. Endless Survival New Gamemode - Survival A new gamemode has been added to Dungeon Defenders 2 - Endless Survival! In this exciting new gamemode, players will choose a map and attempt to get as far as they can before being defeated. The enemies will start at a strength level similar to Chaos I, but will quickly get stronger every wave, eventually surpassing even the highest floors of Onslaught! Every five waves completed will reward the player with items, potentially including Survival-exclusive items and new Godly equipment. There will also be per-map checkpoints every fifth
  8. The winners of DD2's Fanart Contest and the corresponding rewards are as follows: First Place - ghostlybunni Socials - InstaGram: ghostlybunni Twitter: ghostlybunnix Rewards - Implementation of your design in-game on Dungeon Defenders 2, 12,500 Gems for Dungeon Defenders 2, Free copy of the design when implemented (ARV: $120) Second Place - ArchfiendGato Rewards - 12,500 Gems for Dungeon Defenders 2, Free copy of the winning design when implemented (ARV: $120) Third Place - Palo Z'fogs Rewards - 12,500 Gems for Dungeon Defenders 2 (ARV: $100.00
  9. Defenders, For those of you who had previously purchased the first two anime skins and want to purchase the bundle please do so. The gems you spent on the first anime skins will be refunded if you send a email to support@chromatic.games with the following details: What skin(s) you purchased, your platform, and your in-game name. This refund is only applicable for two weeks time, and only applicable if you purchased the huntress or gunwitch anime skin before 4/13/2023 and have bought the full bundle afterwards. Thanks, Paimon
  10. Hi Defenders, Some of you may be aware of the ban wave that occurred last night. Up until now we have been generally forgiving with alt account offenses and even those of you who sell third party gold. Going forward however these offenses will result in a first offense permanent ban of all accounts involved. If it is then found that you use alt accounts to dodge a ban, you will be steam game banned. Resulting in permanent limitations to your Steam profile. Please play fair and respect the fellow citizens of Etheria. I'm well aware alt account usage is rampant within DD2, however th
  11. https://strawpoll.com/polls/e6Z28DmB7nN… Vote on your favorite submission for the DD2 Fanart Contest! We had so many amazing entries. Make sure to check them out! Thank you to all who submitted!
  12. Foolish Defenders, Today marks the largest update we’ve done to Dungeon Defenders in history. We’ve got massive changes coming to the franchise! Just in time for the Etherian Humor Festival. This is gonna be a long post so let's get into it! DDA Login Reward To start things off, the Jester has prepared something special for the heroes of Etheria. Login to Dungeon Defenders Awakened between April 1 - April 8 for a giant surprise. There’s 4 weapons for you to transmog, A Sword, Staff, Bow and Polearm. Make sure to login to unlock these transmogs before it’s too late!
  13. Defenders, Thanks for playing C10 and helping us pinpoint those nasty extra "features" included. Bugs: - Fixed onslaught chest loot not dropping c10 materials and shard packs- Fixed Talismans being used reroll c10 mods on relics- Fixed gear score requirement for chaos 10- Fixed Embermount dropping Chaos 9 rings on chaos 10- Fixed Engineer mods not dropping- Fixed Axorang VFX- Fixed LavaBeast taking more damage than intended- Fixed Decals not working in the cave Crystal Mines- Fixed enemy spawn where the player can fall through on Crystal Mines- Fix for restart level with EV to
  14. The Mines of Etheria Update New Hero - Engineer Passive: Nanobots - Restores a percentage of your health every 5 seconds. Passive: Heatsink - Engineer damage scales by current Heat Percentage. Abilities Bunker Buster - Shoots a fast-moving rocket that explodes on impact, dealing splash damage. Drill Smash - The Engineer slams his drill into the ground, sending earthen spikes forward in a line that damages enemies. Orbital Cannon - Marks an area on the ground. Any enemies within this area will be bombarded with lasers, dealing damage over time! Steam Blas
  15. Defenders, Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend. I know plenty of you have hopped into Etheria this past week as both returning and new adventurers in hopes of amazing loot and cosmetics galore. However, due to malicious gobu interference we encountered an ongoing issue with some users not receiving their rewards for Twitch Drops via Email. We are actively working to fix this issue and an initial fix rollout should occur soon. Here is what this will look like: You will receive a follow-up email containing new codes for all the rewards you claimed. These codes will be entirely new reg
  16. New Cosmetics Added Anime Gunwitch skin Added Anime Huntress Skin Bug Fixes Potential fix for profile loading times Fixed an issue where abilities wouldn't properly update mana cost on the icon Fixed an issue where weekly quest weren't showing up on the summary UI Fixed some issues regarding chest drops (reverts back to previous behavior, but more reliable than before) Social Defenders To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on a
  17. SUBMIT HERE: https://forms.gle/deK1MPwG8K7KusEY9 Chromatic Games Fanart Contest Rules and Terms These Contest Rules set out the rules (“Official Rules”) that govern the Chromatic Games Fanart Contest (“Contest”). 1. Contest Dates: The Contest begins February 2, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. EST and ends April 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Entries must be submitted using the online entry form in the Dungeon Defenders Discord by April 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST. Public voting will begin April 2, 2023 and end May 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST. 2. Eligibility: The Contest
  18. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where idling too long kicked you to a public private tavern Fixed an issue where weekly quest update function wasn't called it's set schedule Fixed an issue where you could reroll dailies by exiting the current instance and back Fixed an issue where it wasn't saving the correct weekly time stamp Changed the default kick level to the town rather than the private tavern on profile save errors Added duplicate protection to weeklies on t
  19. The Snow has Melted! The Dragonfall Winter Spectacular has now officially ended, and the Tavern has returned to its normal state. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Heavy Blizzard’s scaling was higher than intended. Fixed an issue where Quest progress in the new questline would not properly advance. Fixed an issue where players with old account data were sometimes unable to progress through the Campaign questline. Fixed a typo in the Meditation Shard. Fixed an issue where Weekly Quests wouldn’t properly change on the correct time. Fixed an issue where Cam
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