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  1. you could also add generic runes to the game and put them in mix mode. after all the reason that was given to not have them was to make us use the varied runes for every defense but the endgame of dda is rifted where we can at most use 2 rifted defenses sooo why do I need 2-3 runes that do nothing. also I think they should be significantly weaker than dedicated defense and hero runes
  2. survival loot needs to scale to the same level as mix mode. and mix mode needs to have unique loot like rifted weapons of all archetypes that have chance to irradiate. that way itd be a solid choice to farm for the pile of various weapons that exist but aren't viable. perhaps other things as well but I think survival feels awful right now and mix mode is easy and the best loot? seems wrong in any game you always do the hardest game mode for the best loot. why not this game?
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