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  1. I tried to create an app for DDA where all players can sell their items. It wasn't easy because I'm still quite inexperienced in this field. Therefore I am grateful for any feedback. Link to the App https://dda-shop.glideapp.io/ The app is listed on my Google sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vVzFqoTTofjh7dW-o8lrdQ76svUk2nwUV9mHYY_o8Lw/edit#gid=2073658803 Manuel - DDA Shop App DDA-SHOP - Google Präsentationen
  2. Hardcore enhances Loot Quality by 25% Rift Mode enhances Loot Quality by 10% Mix Mode enhances Loot Quality by 6% Für den besten loot MixMode!
  3. Hello together I have tried to create a Web. Based App. Enclosed is the link / QR code. https://dda-droplocation.glideapp.io As I said the app is web based, but can also be used on a smartphone. If you want to link the app on your smartphone, you have to do this as follows: Open APP Go to the settings at the top right Click on add to Home screen. Installing Glide Apps | Glide Tutorial - YouTube
  4. Sorry my English is not the best. In that case you haven't set your loot filters. They are there so that everything you can't / don't want to use is automatically sold.
  5. The problem is that you want to have offhands with the right set. They don't get dropped quite as often.
  6. DDA Droploction - Google Tabellen
  7. Offahnds do not have such high rolls. At the highest level of difficulty there are about 320 ups. And as I said, you get the best weapons when you defeat a boss. Attached is a Google sheet with many of the drop locations. The sheet is designed more for massacres.
  8. ah sorry. after each round, you have to open the chest with the hero you want to get a weapon from. For monk weapons, you have to open the chest with the monk. this applies to every hero.
  9. Try Survival Mode - Ancient Mines. You will see that much better items will be dropped. You get the best items in MixMode Hardcore Rifted LK. The best weapons you get from bosses. Survival or MixMode here too.
  10. Hello everyone, attached is a Google sheet for the drop locations of the most important items in the game. and much more. I hope the sheet can help you. In this sense Grind! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vVzFqoTTofjh7dW-o8lrdQ76svUk2nwUV9mHYY_o8Lw/edit#gid=1185615960
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