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  1. ...another week, another mission, another reward not paid Some kind of acknowledgment of the error would be comforting, but nothing, not a peep so far
  2. See screenshot, it says it all.
  3. Another week, another weekly mission payout not paid!! This time I uploaded before and after screen-shots.
  4. Those weekly missions take a lot of time to complete.. i.e. finish 20 onslaught levels, or 20 maps w/o losing a sub-objective... yet when I complete the mission, the reward screen indicates "Claimed" but no payout was actually issued!! My defender medal count is still at the same value it was before completing the Bonus Mission. :( What's up with that? FYI, the daily mission payouts are working. Lately, something has been way off. Switching heroes is not working correctly. I get a body from one hero mixed with the head of another hero and so on. This happens in both the build and bat
  5. SameIt's likely misnamed
  6. SJSJ


    Allow players to change the price of items in THEIR shop or allow players to have shop sales. i.e. 15% today only. Allow players to add a description/explanation to items in THEIR shop. When inspecting a player, show all of their ancient powers.
  7. I randomly win one of these challenges, but I have no idea what I did to achieve success. How/where can I view the stats for my progress in these challenges? Weekly Challenges - Gobu Destroyer, Treasure Hunter, Incursioner, Big Game Hunter, Onslaught, Mad Scientist, Explorer, Civil Engineer
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I killed 2500 enemies with ability powers and never received the defender medal payout. Something is wonky with Dragonfall Town counters and payouts... hope it's not bankruptcy!
  9. The instructions for this quest needs some clarification or the counter needs some fixing?? At 1st I completed random floors but the counter stayed at 0/10. Time wasted :( Next, I tried completing floors that were next in my progression. For me, the starting floor was at floor 304, aka Lost Temple, ugh. After the win, the counter incremented, so yay! I continued to complete floors in the progression order until the counter got to 7/10, then it was stuck again. Now I'm at floor 314 and the counter is still at 7/10. My math says the counter should be displaying 9/10, but it's o
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