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  1. This enemy would behave similar to a wyvern...but it can charm you. You won't do much damage to the rest of your team, thank goodness...but it's best for the rest of the party to stay away when that happens.
  2. This is a boss version of the drakin enemy. Naturally, he could breathe fire. There already are boss versions of the warboar and the goblins so I figured I might as well make one for the drakin.
  3. I didn't know he could do that. Maybe they could move faster? They could be a Chaos enemy but I dunno.
  4. This enemy will behave similar to the warboar. But there is one small difference...it will gradually regenerate health over time. It's not a big amount of health, but you might want to upgrade your towers so they do more damage nevertheless. Alternatively, you can use fire and they won't be able to regenerate.
  5. Maybe they can appear in Onslaught. They can appear either one at a time or all at once. Of course, in the latter case, I would imagine the schedule would be known as the hunting party.
  6. This enemy is essentially three enemies rolled in one. But I figured they would share the same health bar. This boss has three heads. The lion, the goat, and the snake. The lion will attack if you try to attack it from the front, the goat will attack if you try to attack it from the side, and the snake will attack if you try to attack it from behind. The goat uses magical projectile attacks, the lion attacks with biting. The snake also attacks with biting...it does less damage than the lion but compensates with the possibility of poison.
  7. I keep getting a fatal error message when I go to town.
  8. This enemy behaves similar to the witherbeast...but not only will it amplify damage done to towers, it will decrease the damage that towers do as well.
  9. This enemy would behave similarly to a goblin bomber. But it would toss fireballs rather than bombs. Which would result in burning. And yeah, I can totally see them appearing in the Demon's Lair incursion.
  10. This enemy would behave similarly to a goblin...but is much more aggressive. They're similar to the berserker orcs...but not as strong.
  11. Oh wait, the dark mage can already hex towers...maybe instead it can hex heroes?
  12. This enemy would behave similarly to the dark mage...but instead of healing enemies it would instead curseyour towers.
  13. This enemy would behave similar to the orc...but it has the ability to stun heroes. However, it lacks the ability to stun towers, as opposed to the kobolts.
  14. This enemy would behave similar to the javelin thrower...in that it throws javelins at you. However, this would result in you being drenched.
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