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  1. Hmm. You sure that wasn't pre-update? I think the PTR didn't have this change.
  2. No it definitely goes that high on PC too (after the update). I agree that it's too high right now though, for both platforms.
  3. No, under "Wave Progression Updates" it very clearly says that total mob counts have been increased "to ensure a balance with wave times". The update is meant to increase the number of fodder enemies that come out at a time.
  4. The thing is, pure strat is not necessarily meant to be a harder version of survival (the way mix mode is) because the enemy count is almost always lower (and there might be less/no spiders, copters, etc). Rather, it's meant to appeal to a small subset of the player base that enjoys more pure tower defense. Also, there is occasionally a reason to play it if your dps heroes are not built (when moving to nightmare, perhaps). And I actually haven't tested this yet but if the Outcast can control his minions during combat in pure strat then this is actually a great time to play it. I guess the
  5. +1 to this, also the update made this a lot worse with the increased mob count for every map at high survival waves. I think people wanted the waves not to trickle out so that you could be done with the fodder quicker, not just to see more fodder. Also, I thought rifted was supposed to help solve this but I'm only seeing a ~50 mob difference in a wave of 1700+ which is nothing (maybe this is a post-update bug). I think the mob counts change should be reverted and rifted should get rid of at least half if not more of the fodder,
  6. Have you done any survivals? If you aren't familiar, you can do a survival on any map and it goes all the way up to wave 25, plus you can replay the map from the last wave you beat (up to wave 23, excluding wave 14 because that's where a pet drops). Trust me, it might be a bit boring to play through wave 1-5 again but you'll only have to do it once and it gets much harder real fast. Also, the gear and exp rewards are way better than campaign, which is helpful to prepare for nightmare, because nightmare has a level requirement for a reason (for reference, deeper wells wave 1 on nightmare has a
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